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Newton’s Law Problems
1. Which of the following quantities would be different on the moon than on the earth?
A. acceleration due to gravity
b. mass
c. both mass and acceleration
d. neither mass nor acceleration
2. What determines the time a horizontally projected object remains in the air?
a. weight
b. mass
C. projection height
d. all of the choices are correct
3. A skater gliding on ice will continue to move in the same direction and with the same speed (in the absence
of the action of additional forces). This exemplifies which of the following laws?
A. Newton's first law of inertia
b. Newton's second law of acceleration
c. Newton's third law of action/reaction
d. Newton's law of gravitational force
4. The higher the jump, the "harder" the landing. This statement reflects which of the following laws?
a. the law of inertia
b. the law of momentum
c. the law of torque
D. the law of action-reaction
5. Which quantity is not a force?
a. friction
B. mass
c. weight
d. gravity
6. Which of the following statements is true of the amount of horizontal force required to start an object sitting
on a horizontal surface in motion?
a. it must be greater than the coefficient of kinetic friction
b. it must be greater than the coefficient of static friction
C. it must be greater than the maximum static friction force
d. it must be greater than the maximum kinetic friction force
7. Which of the following factors does not affect the amount of friction generated between two dry surfaces?
a. the coefficient of friction between the two surfaces
B. the surface area in contact
c. the reaction force
d. the normal force
8. Which of the following would be typical for vertical ground reaction force (GRF) during running?
a. GRF = body weight
B. GRF = 2 X body weight
c. GRF = ½ body weight
d. None of the choices are correct
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9. What is/are the direction(s) for vertical ground reaction force?
A. up
b. down
c. lateral
d. all of the choices are possible directions
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Hall - 012 Chapter...
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