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A Journey Through the
Islamic Culture!
Kory Bremer
Haley Johnson
Julie Knight
Paloma Maldonado
Brandon Meade
Justin Perryman
Jacob Wyman
Islam means peace through
submission to God.
There are Six Articles of Faith in
Islam. These are the basic beliefs
one must have in order to be
considered a true Muslim.
6 Articles of Faith- There is One God
The Muslim people believe that there
is one God and only One God.
6 Articles of Faith- All the Prophets of
One of the most important
Prophet to the Muslim people
is Muhammad. Muhammad is
believed to have been directly
spoken to by Allah himself.
6 Articles of Faith- Keeping the
Original Scriptures
Since the "Qur'an"
(Or Koran) is God's
most recent and
final word, it is
viewed as superior
to all other writings.
6 Articles of Faith - The Angels
The chief angel
is Gabriel, who
instrumental in
revealing the
visions to
There are
millions of
angels but only
Allah knows the
exact number.
6 Articles of Faith- the Day of Judgment
and the Hereafter
On Judgment day the dead will be
resurrected. Allah Judges the people and
sends them to Heaven or Hell. For some
men, the Heavenly Gardens is the best part.
6 Articles of Faith - The Divine Decree
The Qur'an proclaims, " Knowest
thou not that Allah knows all that
is in heaven and on earth? Indeed
it is all in a Record, and that is
easy for Allah."
5 Pillars of Islam- Shahadah
A short statement
declaring the
greatness and
oneness of Allah.
5 Pillars of Islam - Salah
A prayer that is offered
5 times daily. Prayed
by every person who is
able to.
5 Pillars of Islam- Sawm
Sawm is the fast that takes place during
5 Pillars of Islam- Zakat
A religious tax that is offered to
the sick, poor, and others less
privileged in the community.
5 Pillars of Islam- Hajj
An annual pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi
In 610 AD, the Qur'an
was revealed to
In 622 AD, Muhammad
traveled to Yathrib.
624 AD, Muslims
successfully attack
Meccan caravans at
Historical Background (continued)
In 630 AD, Muhammad
and his followers took
over Mecca without
632 Death of
Muhammad. Abu Bakr
chosen as caliph.
Late 900s West Africa
begins to convert to
Basic Beliefs
The Qur’an is the direct word of Allah, their only God.
Their prophet is Muhammad.
Muslims must pray 5 times a day at very specific times.
Significant Figures
Muhammad- He got his first revelation in
Mount Hira Cave from Gabriel, this started
Islam. He received the Qur’an
Moses- He received the book of Torah.
Solomon- He is one of the prophets. It is
said that God gave him power over all
Social & Political Influence
Islam influences
west Africa and
Syria. It has a long
history in west
Africa as elsewhere.
It has influenced the
economy, politics,
education, social,
and gender relation.
Islam is a complete way of life including:
moral, spiritual, social, political, economical,
intellectual, etc.
Muslim women wear the head-covering (hijab)
in fulfillment of God's decree to dress
Arranged marriages are allowed in Islam but
are not required.
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