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Fact sheet:
Two WLR3 ISDN30 variants are available – ISDN30e (the ‘e’ stands for European
Telecommunications Standards Institute or ETSI signaling system), and
ISDN30 DASS (Digital Access Signalling System).
Product benefits
We can provide WLR3
ISDN30, subject to survey,
from any digital telephone
exchange, providing a
2Mbit/s port is available. The
transmission path can be via
copper pairs, transverse screen,
fibre cables or microwave radio.
Each ISDN30e service delivers 30x64kbit/s
channels and a 64kbit/s channel for signalling
to the full European standard, via an interface
to a 2Mbit/s connection.
Each ISDN30 DASS service delivers
30x64kbit/s channels via a G703 interface
to a 2Mbit/s connection.
NG: G703 is common channel UK proprietary
signalling system known as DASS 2.
Call types
Call routing and call
package flexibility
You can route calls over the BT network,
for which you’ll be charged by Openreach.
Alternatively, you can route them over an
alternative network via Carrier Pre-Select or
via Indirect Access (NB: To protect your call
revenues, you can order Indirect Access Call
Barring on a per exchange basis).
Your options include alternative routing, diverse
routing, Direct Dialling In (DDI) dual parenting,
Site Assurance and Out of Area Working.
n 64kbit/s Unrestricted (Category 1): These
calls require an end-to-end digital path to
be connected.
n Speech (Category 2): These calls will look
for an end-to-end digital path but will
connect via a part-analogue path.
n 3.1kHz audio calls: These calls will look for
an end-to-end digital path but will connect
via a part-analogue path. They’re used
mainly for fax and modem calls, where
speech compression links can be avoided
(i.e. on international routes).
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Calling and network features
Hunt groups
You can add a range of Calling & Network
features to a line to provide your customers
with additional functionality. They’ll be able to
program some of them themselves. You’ll have
to program others.
Hunting on WLR3 ISDN30e exchange line
groups is sequential (i.e. where the first free
line in the group is selected. A single number
hunt group can be configured on a single
service. Cyclic hunting is available.)
Direct Dialling In
Hunting on WLR3 ISDN30 DASS exchange line
groups is also sequential. Two or more DDI or
non-DDI hunt groups can be configured in a
single service, providing they occupy separate
channels (i.e. a channel may not be a member
of a DDI or non-DDI hunt group).
WLR3 ISDN30e supports the following DDI
numbering options:
n 1 number
n 2 single numbers
n 3 single numbers
Route to 15x
n 4 single numbers
This feature lets you directly receive calls
made by customers to your own customer
service numbers.
n 5 DDI ranges max
n 1 single number and max of 4 DDI ranges
n 2 single numbers and max of 3 DDI ranges
n 3 single numbers and max of 2 DDI ranges
n 4 single numbers and max of 1 DDI range.
WLR3 ISDN30 DASS supports one number
with up to five DDI ranges across the same
channels. If the customer requires more than
one DDI range across the same channels,
the last six digits of all the numbers can be
different, but the digits in front of the last six
must stay the same. For example, 020 7492
1000 – 1999 or 020 7492 5000 – 5999 are
both acceptable, while 020 7492 1000 – 1999
and 020 7356 1000 – 1999 are unacceptable.
The telecommunications services described in this publication
are subject to availability and may be modified from time to
time. Services and equipment are provided subject to British
Telecommunications plc’s respective standard conditions of
contract. Nothing in this publication forms any part of any contract.
BT, Openreach, and the BT logo and the Openreach identity are
trademarks of British Telecommunications plc.
© British Telecommunications plc 2011.
Registered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ
Registered in England No: 1800000
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