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Chapter 29 Review
1. Kellogg-Briand Pact –
2. Many veterans supported what groups in Europe in the mid-1920’s?
3. Describe the economy in Europe during the Roaring 20’s
4. List countries that granted women’s suffrage after World War I
5. How did western countries react in 1929 at the beginning of the great depression?
6. Franklin Roosevelt’s program introducing social insurance programs was called?
7. What was the Popular Front in France in 1936?
8. What are factors that lead to the development of Fascism in Germany?
9. Italy became a Fascist regime in what year?
10. Adolph Hitler’s political programs included what?
11. Explain the election of Hitler’s National Socialist Party in 1932
12. How did Hitler restore the economy of Germany after WW I?
13. What impact did WW II have on European colonies?
14. What crisis happened in 1956 that showed that European countries no longer had total power in world
15. What French leader negotiated Algerian independence in 1962?
16. What year did the French give up their colony in Vietnam?
17. What is a nuclear “umbrella?”
18. What powerful countries had nuclear capabilities?
19. What are the principles of “resistance thinking” in post-World War II Europe?
20. Explain NATO and why western European nations would join
21. What was US military spending like from 1950 – 1980?
22. What was the political viewpoint of Christian Democrats?
23. After WW II new governments in Europe had constitutions that generally established what?
24. After WW II France, Britain and the US merged their German territories to form?
25. The establishment of the welfare state shows what type of political leaning?---Right/conservative or
26. What types of programs were typical of a welfare state?
27. Did the establishment of welfare systems change Europe’s unequal class systems?
28. What are the effects of welfare states?
29. What paralleled the development of the welfare state?
30. What western nation did not develop an economic planning office?
31. What is a technocrat?
32. What upset the pattern of political compromise around the patterns of parliamentary democracy and the
welfare state in the 1960’s?
33. What was the Green Movement?
34. The return to conservatism in Western politics was marked by the election of?
35. What development signaled the trend to political conservatism in the US in 1994?
36. Which nations were involved in the original European Economic Community?
37. Explain what the European Economic Community was.
38. Describe the gross national product rates in Europe in the post-1950’s
39. Generally what was the economy like in post 1950’s Europe?
40. What factor accounted for the economic slowdown in the 1970’s?
41. What happened to the European peasantry in the late 20th century?
42. What was the fastest growing sector of the labor force in the Wet after WW II?
43. List the rights achieved by women in the West in the later 20th century
44. What work by Simone de Beauvoir signified the beginning of feminism in 1949?
45. Who wrote the Feminine Mystique?
46. Discuss why Western art and science became either relative or objective in the 20th century
47. Economic theory of John Maynard Keynes