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Rounding to the nearest tenth makes
me 203.5.
 Rounding to the nearest hundredth
makes me 203.46.
 The sum of my digits is 15.
 Carry me out to the thousandths
What number am I?
train stops at the towns of
Ouch, Hey, and No Way on its way
to Whoa. Ouch is 22.2 miles west
of No Way. No Way is 9.9 miles
east of Hey. Hey is 13.7 miles
west of Whoa.
 How
far is Whoa from Ouch?
 Lulu
brought $9.05 to the
mall. She returned home with
less than $1.00 in her purse.
 What
is the least she could
have spent?
am a fraction equivalent to
 My numerator is 21 less than
my denominator.
 What
fraction am I?
am a number less than 60.
Two of my factors are 2 and 7.
I am a common multiple of 8
and 14.
 What
number am I?
 The
solution is 1/8.
 The digits are 5, 4, 3, 8
 Use
either addition or subtraction.
 What
is the problem?
- 5/8
 Two
numbers are in the ratio
 Their sum is 160.
 What
are the numbers?
and 60
A little bug ate 135 tiny flies in 5 days.
Each day, it ate 10 more flies than it
did on the previous day.
How many flies had the bug eaten…
After three days?
 After four days?
In Buffy’s Basket Weaving class, tests count
twice as heavily (double) as quizzes.
On the two tests she has taken, her scores
were 70 and 85.
She is taking a quiz this week.
What score does she need to get in order to
bring up her exam average to 80?
 The
sum of the ages of
Mike and Dan is 20 years.
 In 4 years, Dan’s age will be
three-fourths of Mike’s age.
 How
old is Mike now?
Sam has $5 in nickels, dimes, and quarters.
He has 3 times as many nickels as dimes. He
has 5 times as much money in quarters as he
does in nickels.
How many of each does Sam have?
5 dimes
15 quarters
am the greatest common factor
of two numbers whose sum is 24
and whose difference is 6.
 What
are the two numbers?
 What
number am I?
and 15
am a 3 digit number divisible by
3. My tens digit is 3 times as
great as my hundreds digit, and
the sum of my digits is 15. If you
reverse my digits, I am divisible
by 6, as well as by 3.
 What
number am I?