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Preparing for your Unit 8 exam (THIS BLOCK DAY): timeline
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Final and AP test prep
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• Warm-up: Great Society
• Great Society programs
• Interpretations of the Great
Objectives- Students will be able
• define the Great Society
• identify several Great
Society programs
• assess the success of the
Great Society
What was the Great Society?
Was the Great Society a
Major Great Society Programs
War on Poverty: forty programs Medicare & Medicaid:
that were intended to eliminate guaranteed health care to every
poverty by improving living
American over sixty-five and to
conditions and enabling people to low-income families.
lift themselves out of the cycle of
The Environment: introduced
measures to protect clean air and
Education: sixty separate bills
that provided for new and betterequipped classrooms, minority National Endowment for the Arts
scholarships, and low-interest
and the Humanities: government
student loans. Head Start
for artists, writers and
program for four- and five-year- funding
old children from low-income
Civil Rights: new federal laws to
prevent discrimination
Discussion questions
• What is Califano’s main argument? What is
Sowell’s main argument?
• What evidence does each use to support his
• Who do you find more convincing? Why?
• How are some of these arguments playing out
in Obama’s presideny?