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-2/3x = 10
Which is equivalent
A) - 2x = -30
B) 2x = 13
C) -2x = 30
Does this result in a final value of zero?
The temperature at 11 am was -11 degrees. Over the next 5 hours it
rose 3 degrees and then an additional 4 degrees.
- b + ½ < 1/5
• Which only contains numbers in the solution set to the inequality?
A) 0, -3, -9
B) 0, ½, 1
C) 3/10, 0, -1
The length of a rectangle is 14 feet more than twice the width. If the
perimeter of the rectangle is 118 feet. What is the width?
The length of a rectangle is 2 feet more than triple the width. If the
length is 20 feet, what is the width?
The sum of three consecutive integers is 162. Find the integers.
Admission to the school’s football game is $3 and each pizza slice costs
$0.80. If you want to spend no more than $20 at the game, how many
slices of pizza can you buy?
• 2/5 + ½ 2 – 3/5
The top of a cliff measures 1124 ft. The lowest point of a valley is 22
feet below sea level. What is the difference between the top of the cliff
and the bottom of the valley?
|-5/8| - 14/16