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Mount Rainier
By Daniel Sarkesian
By Daniel Sarkesian
Mount Rainier National Park will soon be
holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony to activate a
new bio toilet at Cougar Rock Campground. A
bio toilet is a high capacity electric Bio-drum
toilet that is very simple to operate, the bio
toilet can be used in any home using proven
technology . This new kind of toilet purifies
the waste making our environment cleaner.
Mount Rainier was discovered by the Meso-Indian people of
the Narfal Islands in their second exploration of the Pacific
Northwest (assumed to have been around 200 AD). The
initial belief, according to the ancient history of this tribe, is
that Mount Rainier was nonexistent before 150 AD, causing
geological historians to infer that massive geothermal events
allowed Mount Rainier into existence. The mythological
aspect to the mountain is that deep beneath the surface, lies
a tunnel/staircase with conditions suitable to humans [
meaning that you would not disintegrate from the heat of
the mantle , inner core or outer core ]leading to the center of
the earth. This Meso-Indian assumption has neither been
proven nor disproven, but recently, a series of miniearthquakes have led scientists to believe that there very
well could be some sort of cave or even "tunnel" toward the
center of the mountain.
On March 2, 1899, Mount Rainer became the 5th
National Park.
[Mount Rainier is the most heavily glaciated peak in
the lower 48 states.] said Wikipedia.
Mount Rainer is one of the oldest National Parks in the
Mount Rainier has volcanoes and more than 26 glaciers
Its height is 14,410 feet .
About two million people visit the mountain every
year. In that same year, ten thousand attempt to climb
it and a little more than half succeed.
At Mount Rainier National Park you can find
glaciers such as Nisqually ,Cowlitz and
Paradise. You can also find little water falls and
Reflection Lake inside the park. Reflection
Lake is a lake that will almost reflect all of
Mount Rainier.
Mount Rainier was the nation's fifth national
park. Established by an act of Congress in 1899,
Mount Rainier was formed because of volcanic
You can find all types of glaciers on Mount
Rainier. there is a volcano on Mount Rainier
there for you can find igneous rock when the
lava from the volcano cools it makes igneous
rock and supposedly the mountain/volcano is
made out of glaciers and igneous rock. If you
dig down deep enough you can find Granite.
Glaciers are freezing and thawing. Every time
Mount Rainier erupts the lava cools down and
makes igneous rock, igneous rock forms new
land forms. That is how Mount Rainier is
always changing.
Feeding wildlife makes animals have aggressive
animal behavior and can be harmful to humans.
Feeding birds concentrates nest predators,
harming young songbirds. Feeding animals in the
park is not allowed and the fine is $100 .
Global warming is a huge environmental issue.
Glaciers are melting at a faster rate than normal
and as the time goes by Mount Rainier will lose all
its glaciers if we don’t do something about it.
This is my topographic map
Mount Rainier
National park is
located in Pierce
County and Lewis
County, Washington
State, USA Nearest city
Tacoma Coordinates
46°51′N 121°45′W
46.85°N 121.75°W/
km2) Established 2
March 1899
Established: 2 March
Water falls
Wild life
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