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Shaping Hearts For God Series
Studies in the Life of
Jesus Christ
High School Bible Class
Vegas Drive Church of Christ
Las Vegas, NV
Today’s Lesson: Believing in Jesus
Theme: Believing in Jesus because of His miracles
Objective: To understand that the signs Jesus
worked proved that He is the Son of God
Key passages: Gospel of John
• List the seven signs (miracles) of Jesus that John recorded
John 2:1-11
John 4:46-54
John 5:1-18
John 6:1-14
John 6:16-21
John 9: 1-41
John 11:1-57
• Questions about Jesus’ signs
– In John 2:9, what did the servants know that the headwaiter did
not know?
– In John 2:10, what did the headwaiter recognize about the
quality of the wine?
– In John 4:50-52, was Jesus present at the place where the
miracle occurred?
– In John 4:52, was there a delay in the healing or did it occur
– In John 6:12-13, how much food did Jesus provide from five
loaves of bread and two fish?
– In John 9:1, how long had the man been blind?
– In John 11:39, how long had Lazarus been dead when Jesus
raised him?
• How do the qualities of Jesus’ miracles make them
• What does it mean to “believe” in Jesus?
– In John 3:36: “believe” in one part of the sentence is parallel to what in the
other part?
– In John 6:69, what did the disciples come to believe about Jesus?
– In John 12:42, what did believers do that the Pharisees did not do?
– In John 20:29, do we believe only what we see?
– What kind of “belief” do the demons have in James 2:19? Is that kind of belief
sufficient to save them or any human?
– What kind of “belief” does it take to save a man?
• Next time: Lesson 19!