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Organisasi Perubahan Sosial Indonesia
Indonesian Social Change Organization, The National
Network of Sex Worker
Numerous Human Rights Violation, Stigma and Discrimination
and violence againts Sex Workers in Indonesia
2. High Prevalence on STIs,HIV/AIDS among Sex Workers and Clients
3. Sex workers are consider as social disease – MoSA still
use the term of immoral women (WTS = Wanita Tuna
Susila) for female sex workersRaiding for social
disease (homeless, beggars, street vendors, sex
workers) is a regular agenda for local government’s
civilian police.
4. OPSI is recording violence during civilian police
raidThe rehabilitation will start with locking up the
captured WTS for 7-14 days before getting into rehab
5. Numerous oppose from religious based organization
Low involvement of sex workers in the process of
LOCAL REGULATION Development  SW as an
6. 1st OPSI’s National Congress on October 28,2009
Realizing the state obligations to Recognize,
Respect, Protect, and Fulfill the Human
Rights of Sex Workers and empowerment of
sex workers in Indonesia
Critical Awareness of
a. Building a
human rights
throughout Indonesia on sex workers.
b. Encourage the State in carrying out its obligations will
be expanding human rights to sex workers in
c. Encouraging SW’s involvement in Policy Making in all
ASPECT regarding to their professions .
d. Promote solidarity among sex workers in Indonesia.
e. Encouraging the involvement of sex workers in STI
prevention efforts, HIV / AIDS
OPSI’s Logo and Values :
1. Anti-Violence
2. Impartial
3. Non-discrimination
4. Gender Equality
5. Pluralism
6. Justice
7. Transparency and Accountable
Capacity Building for Male and
TG Sex Workers
Membership :
Female Sex Worker
Transgender Sex Worker
Male Sex Worker
Type Of Membership :
Regular Member
Special Member
Honorary Member
TG Sex Workers
Home Visit and discuss at TG
SWs House
Male SWs Peer Support Group
Sex workers remain as objects
Low involvement of sex workers in policy making process
Numerous oppose from religious based organization
Numerous case of Human Rights violation towards Sex
Workers in Indonesia
SSR / IU’s Outreach worker came from non sex workers
Alternative economy empowerment for sex worker in
generally, especially HIV+’s sex worker.
Established District Congress / Musda on 16 OPSI’s Chapters
Human rights, Leadership and Governance training for OPSI at
Core Funding Secure untul 2016
OPSI have Good Governance Manual (SOPs)
OPSI Have the Strategic Plan
Conducted Community Research “Violence againts Sex Worker”
OPSI have the Community Mobilization Module and Positive
Prevention Module
OPSI have Hotline Counseling
OPSI have the Community Legal Service
Form Consortium among KAPs National Network
Active involpment at SUFA and Positive Prevention
The 3rd National Congress will be held in October 2014.
“We Are Exist Because We
Thank You