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Knowing the Risks
• Alcohol and drug use may cause people to
lose control and act in ways they later
• Relationships may become strained
Physical Consequences
• Loss of physical coordination, difficulty
walking, running dancing, and playing
• Muscle twitches and cramps
• Decreased endurance
• Reduced strength
• Lowered energy level
• Slowed reflexes
Drinking and Driving
• One alcoholic drink can slow reaction time
• It impairs judgment and interferes with
decision making
• The more someone drinks the more
dangerous they are behind a wheel
• 50% of all fatal accidents involve alcohol
• 1995 – alcohol related deaths were the
number one cause of death for 15-24 year
Drinking and Driving
The Effects on Others
• Pregnant woman who uses drugs or
alcohol can cause disease and birth
defects in her unborn child
• Fetal Alcohol syndrome – causes delays in
development and psychological and
behavioral problems throughout life
Mental and Emotional
• Ability to think and learn are effected
• Serious emotional consequences
– Addiction
– Depression
– poor judgment
– Anxiety
– Irritability
– Confusion
– Loss of memory
Social Consequences
• Involvement in alcohol and drugs also leads to
problems in social relationships
• User may lose control of behavior and do things
that they later regret
• Abuser becomes obsesses with alcohol or drugs
• Lose interest in family, friends, personal hygiene
• Stop seeing friends and get involved with others
that are obsessed with drugs or alcohol
Risks in School
• May be late or miss school
• Get bad grades
• Lose the chance to play sports because of
missed practices
• Let down classmates or teammates
because of poor performance
• Lose opportunities to learn new skills and
develop their abilities
Risks to Family
• May become violent or hurt other family
• Spend more time away from home, lie and
be moody or unpredictable
• If parents abuse drugs, they cannot fulfill
their obligations to their children or provide
emotional support
• May lose jobs
Risks to Family
• Teens who abuse drugs may disappoint
• Usually fail to meet their family
• Alcohol and drugs abuse may even cause
a family to break up
Risks With the Law
• Teens who use alcohol or drugs often get
into serious trouble with the law
• Breaking the law can lead to arrest, fines
or time spent I a detention center
• It is illegal for anyone under 21 to possess
or use alcohol
• Adults who sell alcohol to underage
individuals are also breaking the law