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Digital Communication
Comp. 1.02
Functions of the Operating
What is software?
• A program that tells the computer what to
• There are two (2) categories of software:
– Operating system software, sometimes just
called system software
– Application software
What does the operating
system do?
• Manages the main memory or RAM
• Configures and controls peripheral devices
– Peripheral devices – things attached to
• Manages essential file operations
– Formatting disks
– Copying, renaming and deleting files
What else does the operating
system do?
• Monitors system performance
• Provides a user interface such as a
graphical user interface (GUI)
• Can multitask!
– Run two or more applications at one time
Other Tasks or Functions of the
System Software or Operating
Controls the operation of a computer
Is the BOSS of the computer system
Boots the computer – turns it on
Formats disks
Other Tasks or Functions of the
System Software or Operating
• Allows you to create folders or directories
• Saves and retrieves files
• Moves and copies files
Specific Types of System Software
• Many types designed for certain types of
• Used in this classroom
– Windows XP
• Previous versions of Windows:
– Windows 2000
– Windows 98
Specific Types of System Software
• DOS based operating systems (CLI)
– MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System)
• Macintosh Computers
– OS 8, OS 9, OS 10