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Law of Sines Test Review: Trigonometry
For the following angles and side measures, find the missing components of the triangles.
1. B = 41o, C = 130o, a = 10.
2. a = 4, c = 6.4, C = 125o
3) Two ranger stations located 10 kilometers apart receive a distress call from a camper.
Electronic equipment allows them to determine that the camper is at an angle of 71o from
the first station and 100o from the second, each angle having as one side the line segment
connecting the stations. Which station is closer to the camper and how far away is it?
4) For the weekend, you decide to take a little trip. From Bloomsburg, you travel 33
miles northwest to visit the little league museum in Williamsport. You then travel 100
miles southwest at an angle of 112o to visit the Allegheny Portage Railroad National
Historical Site. After this, the weekend is up and you make your return trip home to
Bloomsburg. What northwest angle must you drive at to make it home? The angle at
Bloomsburg is 40 degrees.
5) You are taking a flight from Daytona Beach to St. Louis. There is a stopover in
Atlanta. The distance of the first leg of the trip from Daytona to Atlanta is
approximately 599.8 kilometers North. From Atlanta to St. Louis you turn left,
forming a 45o angle and it is another 748.4 kilometers to St. Louis. To come back to
Daytona you would turn southeast and this angle is 80o.
a. What is the total length of the trip with the stopover?
b. How much shorter would it be to fly straight to St. Louis from Daytona Beach
without a stopover?