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The Arden Theatre
Katharine Houghton Hepburn Center
Summer Internship 2009
Alicia Steinmetz
The Arden Theatre Company is dedicated
to bringing to life the greatest stories by
the greatest storytellers of all time. They
draw from any source that is inherently
dramatic and theatrical – fiction, nonfiction,
poetry, music and drama. The Arden
presents programs for the diverse greater
Philadelphia community that arouse,
provoke, challenge, illuminate and inspire.
The Arden Theatre Company was founded
in 1988 by Terrence J. Nolen, Amy Murphy,
and Aaron Posner. They started producing
work at the Walnut Street Theatre Studio.
For their third season, they moved to St.
Stephen’s Performing Arts Center which
provided them with a larger theatre and
space for education programs,
administrative offices, and production shops.
In 1995, the Arden Theatre Company
purchased a building in Old City
Philadelphia which is its current home. It has
a 360- seat mainstage theatre (F. Otto Haas
Stage), a 175-seat studio theatre (Arcadia
Stage), Independence Foundation Studio,
rehearsal and classroom space, and
administrative and production offices.
Terry Nolen and Amy Murphy
The Arden Theatre at its current
location in Old City
The Internship
An internship at the Arden can be focused in one area or involve many
departments. My internship was not department specific, so I was able
to get experience working in many areas of the theatre. Including….
General Management
Box Office
General Management
Front Desk: Directing general phone
calls and e-mails to their appropriate
departments and performing a daily
building check.
Mail distribution
Actor House
Institutional Giving: Grant
research and writing.
Individual Giving: Event
planning, fundraising
drives, networking with
potential donors.
Public Relations: Making Press Kits,
updating facebook, myspace, twitter, and
the Arden website.
Marketing Analyzing: figuring out how and
where people are hearing about the Arden
and deciding where to concentrate efforts.
Design: The design manager handles the
Arden’s publications, including playbills,
posters, and brochures.
Group Sales
Literary Submissions: reading submissions
by new playwrights hoping to get work
shopped or produced.
Set Construction
Arden Drama School
Arden for All
Arden In Class and On Stage
Arden Summer Camp
Study Guides
Internship Program
Arden Professional Apprenticeship
Summer Camp 2009
An internship with the Arden Theatre
Company is a great experience for anyone
interested in working for a theatre or a nonprofit. It really allows you to get a feel for
what it takes to run a theatre. I was able to
develop skills and contacts during this
summer that may be useful in whatever path
my career takes. Some projects I got the
chance to work on this summer include:
 Researching and writing a study guide for The
History Boys
 Working at the Arden Summer Camp
 Researching event venues, auction items, and
trade agreements for fundraising events
 Collecting information about Camden and
Philadelphia school districts for AFA and AICOS
 Reading script submissions
 Set construction for the APA Showcase
Thanks to The Katharine Houghton Hepburn Center and The Arden Theatre
for this great opportunity!