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SEM1 4.01
A - Selling
• Employ sales processes and techniques to
enhance customer relationships and to increase
the likelihood of making sales
• Sell advertising space in printed and electronic
materials (e.g., programs, yearbooks, media
guides, tickets, team photo cards, etc.)
Why advertise in SEM materials?
• Tickets and programs are given to consumers who
might be the target market consumer for other
• Selling ads enhance the use of a ticket or program
– Not just allow entrance or give information…add value
• Generates more revenue for the event
– Business know the ad may be seen by potential
customers so it’s a “win-win”
SEM material types for advertising
Game/event programs
Team yearbook programs
Team photo cards
Media guides
Co-op advertising
Advertising appeals in SEM
• The 2 most important types of advertising
appeals are:
– Rational – Reasonable, practical, and functionality of
a product to a potential consumer – generally more
effective with adults
• Scarcity appeal – make people think there’s limited supply
– Emotional – Related to a consumer’s psychological &
social needs
• Personal
• Social
• Fear
Advertising appeals in SEM
• Personal Appeal
• Some personal emotions that can drive
individuals to purchase products include safety,
love, humor, joy, happiness, pride, self esteem,
pleasure, comfort, nostalgia etc.
• Social Appeal
• Social factors cause people to make purchases
and include such aspects as recognition, respect,
involvement, affiliation, rejection, acceptance,
status and approval
Advertising appeals in SEM
• Fear Appeal
• Fear is often used to good effect in advertising and
marketing campaigns of beauty and health products
including insurance. Must be moderate.
• Humor Appeal
• Sex Appeal
• Brand Appeal
• Adventure Appeal
• Youth Appeal
Procedures for selling space in SEM
• Prepare early
• Create rate cards for all materials
Back of ticket
¼, ½, full page for programs
Signage at event
Know audience # to establish rates
• Use volunteers to assist in sales
– Appeal to community involvement and support
– This can lead to sales as local business can expect
potential customers by placing an ad
Procedures for selling space in SEM
• Additional sales
– Ask volunteers to solicit friends, bosses or
• Solicit well wishers
– People that will offer one liner to encourage
Procedures for selling space in SEM
• Give promotional discounts
– Buy 2 ad spaces, get 1 free
– Free bonus for renewing
• Sell advertising space between content
– Use your imagination to utilize all areas
• Write a review for your customer’s product to place
under their ad
– They will appreciate it and be more inclined to advertise
• GUARANTEE your customer’s advertising results
– This can be based on the expected # of attendees
4.01 SEM1 Activity
• Students work with a partner and find examples of
advertisements that appeal to the following seven appeal
• Show the examples in a PPT format and cite why they
believe the examples fit the factor indicated. Include
market segmentation info
• Create the back of a SEM ticket as if you were a business
using one of these appeal factors in your advertisement
Personal/Nostalgia Appeal – Fear Appeal
Social/Status Appeal – Humor Appeal
Brand Appeal – Adventure Appeal
Youth Appeal -
4.01 SEM1 Activity
• #1 - Participate in a role play situation to sell ad space in a
SEM newsletter that you create. Create the basis of the
newsletter for an event & then conduct a role play in
front of classmates
• #2 - Students work in groups of 3 & create the following:
• You are responsible for promoting & selling ad space for
the AK prom dance. Based on the prom theme,
determine ad plans available & the costs you would
charge an advertiser. Ad plans available as follows:
Sales brochure ad - Poster ad - Internet ad – (show examples)
Identify benefits of each plan available – PPT
Determine potential ad purchasers – PPT
Identify 3 ways to maximize sales performance - PPT