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 September 2012
I'm pleased to announce that President Obama has issued
aproclamation declaring September 2012 to be National Childhood
Cancer Awareness Month.
President Obama's support of childhood cancer issues had a personal
touch for me this summer when he signed the Food and Drug
Administration Safety and Innovation Act; it included the Creating Hope
Act and created incentives for life saving drugs for kids with cancer and
other rare diseases.
It was a special moment when he invited Michael, Sarah and me to the
Oval Office for the bill signing. (Ben was at camp.) Sarah took this as an
opportunity to urge the President on.
We were also thrilled to be covered on ABC News:
We are continuing our work this fall to ensure that the Creating Hope Act
is fully implemented and to work with the FDA on other mechanisms to
improve pediatric drug development. I look forward to updating you as
we make further progress.
As always, thanks so much for your support.
Nancy Goodman
Executive Director
Kids v Cancer