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Padanadhamsa Dasa – A Forgotten
Dasa System
Late Yelluripati Krishna Rao
Earlier printed Raman Saheb’s ‘The
Astrological Magazine, Vol 78, No.9
hri Y. Krishna. Rao was born on 21st
March 1943. He died at the age of 65 on 14th
Jan 2008 with nearly 43 years of rich
experience in astrology. He worked as a school
teacher all his life & never married dedicating
his entire life for astrology researchers. He was a
student of ‘Sri Vemuri Rama Murthy’ since 1975
who was a great Jaimini Siddhanti in India. Sri
Krishna Rao practiced parasaryam (Nirayana
System), Western Astrology (Sayana-System),
numerology & palmistry. He was also selected
as a Lecturer to teach Astrology to M.A
(Astrology) students in Telugu University,
Hyderabad. He will always remain special to
the ‘Saptarishis Astrology’ as he had just finished
checking the draft of his article published in SA
Vol 1 and after which he expired in an hour.
[Saptarishis Astrology: Beloved Y Krishna
Rao was one of our first writers and he wrote
his last article for Saptarishis Astrology and
died within 2 hours is what was informed to us.
A promise we had given him and mentioned in
the first editorial was that we would bring out
his old researches and articles and re-publish it
for the younger generation plus at the same
time keeping it digital would make its longevity
immortal. For 2 years we could not fulfill it
since due to some reason or the other his
brother Shri E Raja Rao could not send us the
articles of his brother. Mr Raja Rao suffered
health issues, then shifting to new residence,
not having young hands to remove these old
articles, and photocopy them. Now finally after
consistently following up with Mr Rao for 2
years he has very kindly done the astrological
fraternity a favor and finally sent us around
100 pages of Late Y Krishna Rao’s articles and
another 25 articles or so is remaining to be sent
by him. Our deepest love has been Shri Y
Krishna Rao and in these two years many a
times we went into depression if we would be
able to keep our word to our late author or not.
But by Gods grace through Shri E Raja Rao
this has started now. Then it took us one year
to get these articles typed by the volunteer team
of SA, with able co-ordination of Yenbeeyes.
Still due to some reason or other there has been
delay of another one year. ]
arious predictive Dasa systems have been advocated by the sage Jaimini for the
purpose of prognosticating future events. Mandooka Dasa, Labhadhipastha Dasa,
Yogardha Dasa, Lagnamsaka Dasa, Chandramsaka Dasa and Padanadhamsa Dasa
are some of the important predictive Dasa systems generally employed by the followers of
the Jaimini system. In this article I shall confine myself with the most important Navamsa
Dasa, viz., Padanadhamsa Dasa which was extensively used by my mentor the late Sri
Vemuri Rama Murthy Sastry, a renowned authority on Jaimini Astrology. It will not be out of
place to mention that the Andhra Government honored him by conferring the title ‘Kala
Saraswati’ in recognition of his erudition in Jaimini astrology just a year before he passed
away in April 1985.
With my humble experience in Hindu Astrology I would like to point out that no
single predictive Dasa system is foolproof to make cent percent accurate predictions and
Jaimini dasa systems are no exception. Since the Jaimini System has its own distinctive
features the learned readers will do well to combine the Parasari System of Astrology with
the Jaimini Dasa Systems and draw their conclusions. Choosing the appropriate Dasa
System among the various dasas advocated by Jaimini appears to be a difficult task even for
experienced astrologers. ‘No definite clue is given by the sage as to the specific conditions under
which the different dasas should be applied for purposes of prediction’ observes Dr B V Raman in
his books Studies in Jaimini Astrology. It is difficult to contradict this statement made by Dr.
Raman. Sri. V. Rama Murthy Sastry often used to tell me that Padanadhamsa Dasa should
be used for all ordinary horoscopes and Rasi Dasa should be used only for royal horoscopes
(of those who wield political power). My own observation is that Rasi Dasas should be used
not necessarily for royal horoscopes, but when certain Rajayogic combinations are present in
the Rasi Chart involving the Ascendant and the seventh house as in the case of Sri Rajiv
Gandhi (Leo Ascendant with 5 planets), Dr. B.V.Raman (3 planets in the 7th house in Leo),
Mahatma Gandhi (3 planets in Lagna and one planet in the 7th house) and N.T.Rama Rao (2
benefics in Lagna and one benefic in the 7th house).
The most important Navamsa dasa, viz., Padanadhamsa Dasa is to be found in
Jyotisha Phala Ratnamala1 written by Sri Krishna Misra, a great astrologer of yore in the
court of King Vikramarka.
Padanadhamsa Dasa:
ind out in which Navamsa the lord of Aroodha Lagna is situated and that Navamsa
Rasi will be the opening dasa for the purpose of reckoning the Dasas. The order of
Dasas in this scheme is of six kinds as explained below.
Aries and Libra: These two are odd and moveable signs (Oja Rasis and Chara Rasis). The
order of Dasas for these two signs is as follows
1 Soon a translation of this epic ancient classic will be brought out by Iranganti Rangacharya, also readers can read 6-7
chapters of Phalaratnamala already published in SA previous issues by Chandrashekhar Sharma. - SA
 Aries - Taurus - Gemini – Cancer – Leo – Virgo and so on.
 Libra - Scorpio – Sagittarius – Capricorn – Aquarius - Pisces and so on
If the lord of Aroodha Lagna is situated either in Aries or in Libra in the Navamsa chart,
then the order of Dasas is in clockwise direction as explained above.
Cancer and Capricorn: These two are even and moveable signs (Chara Rasis and Yugma
Rasis). For these two signs the order of Dasas is in the anti-clockwise direction.
 Cancer-Gemini-Taurus-Aries-Pisces-Aquarius-Capricorn and so on
 Capricorn-Sagittarius-Scorpio-Libra-Virgo-Leo and so on.
Taurus and Scorpio: These two are even and fixed signs and the order of Dasas is as follows
(every 6th sign in anti-clockwise direction)
 Taurus – Sagittarius – Cancer - Aquarius – Virgo - Aries – Scorpio and so on
 Scorpio – Gemini – Capricorn – Leo – Pisces – Libra – Taurus and so on
Leo and Aquarius: These two are fixed and odd signs and the counting is done by taking every
6th sign in clockwise direction
 Leo – Capricorn – Gemini – Scorpio – Aries – Virgo – Aquarius and so on
 Aquarius – Cancer – Sagittarius – Taurus – Libra – Pisces – Leo and so on
Gemini and Sagittarius: These two are odd signs and Dwiswabhava Rasis. The order of dasas
for these two signs is 1 – 5 – 9 in clock wise direction.
 Gemini – Libra – Aquarius – Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces – Leo – Sagittarius – Aries and
so on
 Sagittarius – Aries – Leo – Capricorn - Taurus – Virgo – Aquarius – Gemini – Libra
and so on
Pisces and Virgo: These two are even signs and also Dwiswabhava Rasis. The order of these
two signs is 1 -5 -9 in anti clock wise direction.
 Pisces – Scorpio – Cancer – Aquarius – Libra – Gemini – Capricorn – Virgo – Taurus
and so on.
 Virgo – Taurus – Capricorn – Leo – Aries – Sagittarius – Cancer – Pisces – Scorpio
and so on.
A few charts have been discussed below elucidating the practical application of
Padanadhamsa Dasa.
Chart 1:
Born on 22nd Dec 1945 at 2.08 am at 17 N 15, 81 E 38 (Ay: 23-06) Rasi: Libra Asc 6.10 and
Jupiter 0.22; Sc- Mer 15.24 and Venus 26.20; Sagi – the Sun 6.32 and Ketu and Aroodha Lagna;
Capricorn – Upapadam; Aries – 7th house 6.10; Gemini Rahu 6.57 and Saturn 29.55 and
Cancer – Mars 8.10 and the Moon 13.15. Navamsa: Sc – Asc and Mercury; Sagi-Rahu; AqVenu; Ta-the Sun; Gemini- Saturn and Ketu; Virgo-Mars and Libra- the moon and Jupiter
(SA: pls note that in Kala software Moon is shown in Sc Navamsa)
1945 -12-12
5- 0–0 Libra Dasa
3-0-0 Scorpio Dasa
1953 -12-22
11-0-0 Sagittarius dasa
1964 -12 -22
8- 0- 0 Capricorn Dasa
1972 -12- 22
5- 0 -0 Aquarius Dasa
1977 – 12-22
6 - 0 – 0 Pisces Dasa
1983 -12 -22
The first chart is that of an engineer in the Railways. Sagittarius is Aroodha Lagna.
The lord of Aroodha Lagna (Jupiter) is in Libra Navamsa. Events: He was selected as an
Engineer in the Railways in the second half of 1965. He got married in June 1974. He was
blessed with a daughter in August 1975.
Judgment: The 10th lord from Navamsa lagna is the Sun (nonagesimal point falls in
Cancer 6° 10') who is in Taurus Navamsa. Capricorn and Virgo are its trinal houses. He was
selected as an engineer as soon as Capricorn Dasa started operating. Usually the advent of
Capricorn Dasa will bring about major changes in life, either for good or for bad. The first part and
the last part of Capricorn Dasa is usually troublesome according to Vanchanadheeyam.
No planet is posited in the 7th house from Janma Lagna whereas the Moon and Mars
are posited in the 7th house from Upapadam (aroodham of the 12th house). Of these two
planets the Moon is in his own house having gained more number of degrees than Mars. The
Moon is in Libra Navamsa. Aquarius and Gemini are its trinal houses. His marriage took
place in June 1974 in the major period of Aquarius when Jupiter was transiting Aquarius.
During the same period (Aquarius dasa) he was blessed with a daughter. It will be observed
that Venus as lord of the 5th house from Upapadam is in Aquarius Navamsa.
Chart 2:
Born on 1st Jan 1931 at 1.15 pm at 17 N 15, 81 E 38 (Ay: 22:54) Rasi – Aries Asc 12°; Taurus – the
Moon 5-25; Gemini – Jupiter 23-10; Cancer – Mars 22-35; Virgo – Ketu 26-37; Libra – Aroodha
lagna, Sc-Venus 5-40; Sagi-the sun 17, Saturn 20-50 and Mercury 26-15 and Pisces-Rahu 26-37
Navamsa: Cancer-Asc; Leo-Venus and Ketu; Virgo-Sun; Libra-Saturn; Scorpio-Mercury;
Capricorn – Mars; Aquarius – Rahu and the Moon; and Aries-Jupiter
[SA: one may note that Mr Rao mentions Aroodha in the sign of Libra so it seems he is using no
exceptions in Aroodha Lagna calculations. Also note some discrepancies in planet degrees and Ketu is
in the 2H as per him but as per Jhora it is in the 3H in Navamsa D9.]
Leo dasa
Capricorn dasa
Gemini dasa
Scorpio dasa
Aries dasa
Virgo dasa
The second chart is that of a teacher who died of blood cancer in January 1970. Aroodha
lagna falls in Libra.