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Match each phrase on the left with word or phrase on the right.
S 1. A unit that determines heritable characteristics
A. Allele
G. 2. Variations that always produce offspring identical to parents.
B. Homozygous
_C_ 3. The offspring f two different varieties.
C. Hybrid
_Q_ 4. When two alleles of a pair differ, the one that is hidden
D. Genotype
_X_5. A feature that varies among individuals, such as flower color
E. Segregation
_K_6. Parent organisms that are combined.
F. F2 generation
_W_7. A diagram that shows possible combinations of gametes.
G True-breeding
_L _8. A breeding experiment that uses parents different in one character. H. Heterozygous
_A 9. Different forms of a gene.
I. Self-fertilization
T 10. Relative numbers of organisms with various characteristics.
J. Dominant
_H_11. An organism that has two different alleles for a gene.
K. P generation
_U_12. Each variant of a character, such as purple and white.
flower color
L. Monohybrid
_D_ 13. An organism’s genetic make-up.
M. Locus
_E_ 14. Separation of allele pairs that occurs during gamete formation.
N. Phenotype
_V_15. Fertilization of a plant by pollen from a different plant.
O. cross
_B__16. An organism that has two identical genes.
P. F1 generation
_Y__17. The science of heredity.
Q. Recessive
_M_ 18. The location of a gene on a chromosome.
R. Homologous chromosome
_N 19. What an organism looks like; its expressed traits.
S. Gene
_F__20. Offspring of the F1 generation.
T. Phenotypic ratio
_I _21. When pollen fertilizes eggs from the same flower.
_Z_22. The transmission of generation of traits from one
U. Trait
V. Cross-fertilization
Generation to the next.
_J_23. When two alleles of a pair differ, the one that determines
W. Punett Square
_R_24. Where the two alleles for a certain character are located
X. Character
_P_25. Offspring of the p generation.
Y. Genetics
_O_26. A hybridization.
Z. heredity
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