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Pronoun Case Refers to:
What form a pronoun takes.
 Sometimes we need to choose between
I and me.
 The way we determine which to use is if
the pronoun acts as a subject or object.
Quick Refresher:
Types of objects include –
 Direct object
 Indirect object
 Object of a preposition
Subjects do the action.
 Objects do no action.
Subjective v Objective
 You
 He
 She
 It
 They
 We
 Who
 You
 Him
 Her
 It
 Them
 Us
 Whom
Subjective Pronouns
Objective Pronouns
Subject Complements
Are the parts of a clause that follow a
linking verb.
Linking Verbs include:
all forms of to be (am, was, is, were,
etc.), become, and seem. [always]
 Sometimes the following can also be
linking verbs: appear, become, feel,
grow, look, prove, remain, smell, sound,
taste, and turn. If you can replace these
words with an = sign and have the
sentence make since, they are linking
Subject Complements
Take subjective pronouns, not objective.
Example: A person on the phone asks
for you. The correct response is “This is