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The Rock Cycle
8-3.4 Explain how igneous,
sedimentary, & metamorphic rocks are
interrelated in the rock cycle.
Rocks EQ: 8-3.4
How are igneous, sedimentary, &
metamorphic rocks formed?
Igneous Rocks
• How are igneous
rocks formed?
• when molten rock
cools & hardens
• How is an intrusive
igneous rock formed?
• cooling & hardening
of magma takes place
slowly beneath
Earth’s surface
• How is an extrusive
igneous rock formed?
• cooling & hardening
of lava takes place
rapidly on Earth’s
Sedimentary Rock Terms
• sediments: rock pieces, mineral grains, or
shell fragments
• compaction: process that presses
sediments together
• cementation: process in which dissolved
minerals crystallize & glue particles of
sediment together
• deposition: process by which sediment
settles out of water or wind carrying it
• How are sediments • through the process of
weathering & erosion of
rocks exposed at the
Earth’s surface AND
• from the chemical
deposition of materials
that were once dissolved
in water
Sedimentary Rocks
• sedimentary rocks:
• chemical sedimentary
• formed from the
compaction &/or
cementation of
• formed from minerals
separated from a
solution (precipitated)
or left behind by
Metamorphic Rocks
• How are metamorphic
rocks formed?
• when rocks are
changed into different
kinds of rocks by
great heat and/or
pressure & folding or
chemically changed
by contact with hot
How Rocks May Look
• Igneous: shiny, crystals, holes
• Sedimentary: rock pieces, fossils, shell
• Metamorphic: stripes, folds
Rock Cycle FS: 8-3.4
Explain how igneous,
sedimentary, & metamorphic
rocks are interrelated in the rock
The Rock Cycle
• What is the rock
• an ongoing process
that illustrates the
series of a natural
processes that slowly
change rocks from
one kind to another
over time
• How are rocks
• by how they are
Ex. of the Rock Cycle
• 1. How does lava become an igneous
• 2. How does an igneous rock become a
sedimentary rock?
• 3. How does a sedimentary rock become a
metamorphic rock?
• 4. How does a metamorphic rock become
• Lava cools & hardens (igneous) Then,
weathering & erosion of rock takes place to
form sediments. Sediments deposit,
compact &/or cement (sedimentary) Next,
heat & pressure occurs (metamorphic)
Finally, rock melts (lava)
World of Rocks
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