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Key Concepts Sect 12.1
Frequency Table: a list of outcomes in a sample space and the number of times each outcome occurs.
Cumulative Probability: probability over a continuous range of events.
Probability Distribution: a function that gives the probability of each event in a sample space in a table or graph.
Guided Practice Sect 12.1
Ex 1: Using a survey of the class eye colors, make a frequency table.
Eye Color
Brown Green Total Number Guided Practice Sect 12.1
Ex 2: Use the frequency table to find the probability that a student is involved in at least one extra­curricular activity.
Ex 3: Suppose you spin 2 spinners numbered 1­4 each, show the probability distribution for the sum of the numbers.
Sum Frequncey
Probability Ex 4: Use the table below to find the probability distribution for each sample space.
a.) Genotype Distribution
b.) Plant Color Distribution
Sect 12.1: p.651 1­9, 12­18
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