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Mining real world data
Multi media data mining
Multimedia Data Mining
• Multimedia data types
– any type of information medium that can be
represented, processed, stored and transmitted over
network in digital form
– Multi-lingual text, numeric, images, video, audio,
graphical, temporal, relational, and categorical data.
– Relation with conventional data mining term
Motivation - applications: Images
Medical/biological images
satellite image analysis
photo collections
museum images
And many more
Motivation - applications: Video
TV news processing
3-d images (medical / biological)
3-d and 4-d datasets (x,y,z, time, temp., humidity etc)
- weather/environment monitoring
Motivation - applications: Time
• Financial, sales, economic series
• Medical (ECGs/EKGs, monitoring)
• civil infrastructure; automobile traffic monitoring
Mining spatio temporal data.
Mining anamoly in moving objects.
Mining spatial data.
Similarity search in multimedia data such
as images and videos.
Examples: Similarity search problem
• Sub-cellular protein localization patterns
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