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21st December 2016
Brighton & Hove Clinical Commissioning Group
Sent to:
Practice Managers / Partners/ GPs/ Nurses/ Locums/
HCAs/ generic practice list
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Green = courses endorsed/ commissioned by us but not necessarily quality checked if they
have come from a public body organisation such as the NHS or Local Authority.
Red- courses shared for information but have not been quality checked by us
Dear all,
Please find a summary of the upcoming education and development opportunities endorsed
by Brighton and Hove CCG whilst you can also take a look at the Training Calendar which can
be accessed at the following link
Training Calendar link:
Hot topics – 14 January 2017
We have another Hot Topics sessions on Saturday 14th January 2017, 9.30 am – 1 pm,
Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton.
The "Hot Topics" course is suitable for GPs, GP Trainees , Primary Care Nurses and
Pharmacists and consists of a series of short 'TED-style' engaging presentations blending
evidence and cases, followed by discussion which may have an impact on your practice.
GP - £75 (+ booking fee)
Nurse - £25 (+ booking fee)
Pharmacist - £40 (+ booking fee)
Places can be booked at the following link
Hot Topics will include
Headache Pathway
Infectious diseases
o Sepsis - new update
o Zika update
 Perinatal mental health
 Prescribing hot topics
o NSAIDS, SSRIs, QT, safety alerts, sick day guidance
 Update on the NICE cancer guidelines
 End of life care
 Paeds infectious diseases
 Management of post-bariatric surgery patients
 Smoking as the disease
 Migraine and CVD
Cancer Education Package
Brighton and Hove CCG have developed a cancer education package which incorporate
clinical and non-clinical education opportunities including
Cancer Update focusing on prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, unmet needs and
palliative care
Talk Cancer is a Cancer Research UK training programme to help you feel confident about
talking to people about ways to reduce the risk of cancer, spot cancer early and screening.
Behaviour Change to support the cancer Locally Commissioned Service – Clinical
Please review the Cancer Education Package flyer for more information and links to the
booking website
Free Online Course – Demystifying Targeted Cancer Treatments
The course will start on 23 January, but anyone who registers can access the course
materials in any order and at any time like, once the course starts.
The course covers:
what targeted cancer treatments are and how they are used today
why many targeted treatments block proteins involved in cell communication
the unique properties of blood cancers and targeted therapies used to treat them
how we can harness the immune system to treat cancer using various
immunotherapy strategies
current challenges we face including drug resistance and the implementation of
biomarker tests for more personalised cancer treatment
the future promise of targeted cancer treatments
The course can be accessed at the link below and includes 12 teaching videos, plus lots of
articles and interviews with doctors, nurses and patients.
Information on the following sessions can be access via the Training Calendar
Safeguarding Practice Leads Training
26th January – FGM – What to so in Practice, How to assess risk
1st March – Information sharing and record keeping: including an update on the new Case
Conference system
Infection Control Link Meeting
26th January and 2nd February
Are you Confident MCA/DoLS
Limited spaces available on the following dates
6th February Crawley
14th February Haywards Heath
28th February Worthing