Download The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide and Cookbook

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The Essential Cancer Treatment
Nutrition Guide & Cookbook
by Jean LaMantia, RD and
Dr. Neil Berinstein, MD, FRCP(C), ABIM
This outstanding book with its
comprehensive information and
survivor wisdom will make cancer
patients and their caregivers feel
empowered about their health.
Thoroughly researched, with an easyto-understand approach, it helps one
appreciate the role of nutrition during
cancer treatment, and the strategies for
managing side effects. This book will
answer your questions about cancer,
treatments and therapies.
Jean LaMantia, RD, is a
program leader at Wellspring
and also a cancer survivor.
Dr. Neil Berinstein,
is an oncologist and associate
scientist at Sunnybrook.
For Sale at Vancouver Cancer Centre
Nutrition Services
Main floor Room # 1408