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(caudal  rostral)
1. Mid/Rostral MEDULLA:
a. 4th Ventricle = dorsal space (roof missing)
b. Hypoglossal Nucleus (CN 12) = in periventricular zone, near midline
c. Dorsal Motor Nucleus of Vagus (CN 10) = Parasympathetic; in
periventricular zone
d. Vestibular nuclei = Lateral; in periventricular zone
e. Pyramidal tracts = Ventral; gross “pyramids” (base of medulla)
f. Inferior Olivary Nucleus = gross “olives”
2. Caudal PONS:
a. Abducens Nucleus (CN 6) = lateral to medial longitudinal fasciculus
(MLF); in floor of 4th ventrical (periventricular area)
b. Roots of Abducens Nerve = travel through tegmentum & base to exit from
3. Rostral MIDBRAIN:
a. Cerebral Aqueduct = part of ventricular system
b. Superior Colliculi
c. Periaqueductal Gray = periventricular zone of midbrain
d. Tegmentum = midbrain part of reticular formation
e. Red Nucleus
f. Crus Cerebri = base of midbrain (gross = cerebral peduncles)
g. Oculomotor Nerve (CN 3)
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