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Study Coordinator: survey of childhood cancer
Job Description and Person Specification
The National Cancer Registry (NCR) is seeking to recruit a study coordinator to co-ordinate a
survey of childhood cancer survivors. The post is funded by the project grant from the Irish
Cancer Society and the project is a collaboration with the National University of Ireland, Galway.
This document provides information about the NCR, the project, and the job itself.
About the National Cancer Registry
The NCR was established by the Minister for Health in 1991. It operates in association with
University College Cork and is funded by the Department of Health & Children.
The functions of the NCR are:
 to identify, collect, classify, record, store, and analyse information relating to the incidence
and prevalence of cancer and related tumours in Ireland.
 to promote and facilitate the use of the data collected, through approved research, and in the
planning and management of services.
 to publish an Annual Report based on the activities of the Registry.
 to furnish advice, information and assistance in relation to any aspect of such service to the
Number of employees: 54
Website of the National Cancer Registry:
Terms and Conditions
Job Title:
Study Coordinator
Reporting To:
Dr Harry Comber, Interim Director
18.5 hours per week (50% FTE)
Salary will be in accordance with Department of Health grade V:
€40,209 - €48,496 pro rata.
This is a specified purpose contract with an estimated duration of 12 months.
The post is available immediately.
A probationary period of 3 months will apply.
One month notice in writing is required.
Annual Leave: 29 days per annum.
Confidentiality: Staff are bound by the provisions of the Data Protection Acts and must
preserve strict confidentiality concerning all identifiable information of which
they become aware of during the course of their work. The confidentiality
guidelines of the Registry must be read and signed by all officers, and breach of
these guidelines will be sufficient grounds for dismissal.
The post is based in Cork, Ireland. There will be some travel within Ireland for
meetings related to the project.
Grievance &
These will be as agreed between management and staff.
Disciplinary Procedures.
The terms of any relevant agreements concerning this grade between the Department of Health
and the Unions representing staff at the Registry will apply.
Research at the National Cancer Registry
The post-holder will join the Research & Data Groups at the National Cancer Registry. Currently
there are 13 staff members in these groups, including two epidemiologists, three data
analysts/statisticians and several project co-ordinators.
The research activities of the group encompass four main areas:
(a) descriptive epidemiology/cancer surveillance;
(b) aetiological and prevention research;
(c) survivorship research; and
(d) more general health services research.
Further information about the NCR research programme can be found on the website:
Description of research projects
Improvements in diagnostic tools and treatment protocols mean that survival rates from many
childhood cancers now exceed 80%. In Ireland, almost 130 new cancers are diagnosed in
children each year and around 100 of these can expect to survive into adulthood. Although the
risk of developing several childhood cancers is known to vary by social factors (such as social
class), there is little understanding of social inequalities in childhood cancer outcomes (either
clinical or patient-reported), or of survivors’ health and supportive care needs. This project will
examine inequalities in childhood cancer survivors’ clinical and self-reported outcomes. It three
elements: (1) review the international evidence on health inequalities in childhood cancer
outcomes; (2) analyse routinely-collected data on prevalence and outcomes of childhood
cancers in Ireland by socio-economic factors; and (3) survey adult survivors of childhood cancer
to assess their self-reported health outcomes, wellbeing and health and social support needs.
The post-holder will be responsible for the third aspect – the survey of survivors. The other
elements will be undertaken by project staff based at NUI Galway.
This project is funded by the Irish Cancer Society and the principal investigator is Dr Michal
Molcho of NUI Galway. Further information about the project is available from Dr Molcho (email:
[email protected]).
Job description
The post-holder will be responsible for all aspects of the conduct of the two postal surveys
described above. The specific responsibilities include:
 assisting the co-investigators with obtaining ethical approval for the study, including
completing ethics application forms, developing patient information leaflets, etc;
 assisting with the development of the study questionnaire;
 liaising with the co-investigators to define subject eligibility criteria;
 liaising with the NCR Data Team to select samples of potentially eligible survivors from the
registry database and cleaning and updating this information as necessary;
 contacting survivors’ doctors to confirm which survivors are eligible to take part in the survey;
 developing a project management database to track subjects’ status (eligibility, screened,
sent initial letter, sent reminder, etc.) through the study;
 agreeing detailed data collection protocols with the project teams;
 taking responsibility for the distribution of questionnaire packs and reminders;
 regular reporting to the co-investigators and Steering Committee on the progress with the
survey and response rates; and
 other reasonable duties as required (including printing, copying, telephoning, etc.).
A clerical assistant will be available to assist with the distribution of the questionnaire packs and
reminder letters.
Person specification
Essential qualifications and experience
The successful appointee will have a degree or higher degree (or equivalent) in a relevant
subject (e.g. health sciences, social sciences, epidemiology, health services research, public
health, or a related discipline). S/he must have at least two years post-graduate work experience
in health-related research projects (e.g. epidemiological, clinical, health services research).
Experience of organization of, and primary data collection in, at least one significant research
project is essential as is experience of working with databases.
Desirable experience
Experience in questionnaire design would be highly desirable but is not essential. Similarly,
experience of co-ordinating patient or population surveys would be advantageous.
Experience of some of the following is desirable:
 drafting study literature and correspondence (eg. consent forms, information leaflets, etc);
 obtaining ethical approval for multi-centre studies;
 convincing hospital consultants, nurses or other health professionals to facilitate or
collaborate with research projects;
 developing databases in Microsoft ACCESS, or a similar package;
 working in multi-centre studies or studies where the team are based in several different
Personal qualities
The successful appointee must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and be
able to demonstrate the following personal qualities:
 the ability to organize and prioritize her/his own workload;
 the ability to work with minimum supervision;
 excellent attention to detail;
 the ability to carry projects to successful completion, within specified timescales.
Application procedure
Applications in the form of a CV (three copies), plus a covering letter describing how your
qualifications and experience make you suitable for the post, and the names of at least two
referees, should be submitted to:
Human Resources Officer
National Cancer Registry Ireland
Building 6800
Cork Airport Business Park
Kinsale Road
Applications by email will not be accepted.
Closing date for receipt of completed applications is: 12 midday on Wednesday 27th May 2015
The National Cancer Registry is an equal opportunities employer.