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Bell Ringer
• Name an illegal drug that you
believe is most abused in this
area of Pennsylvania?
• Give a reason for your opinion
Marijuana and Other Illegal Drugs
Chapter 15 Lesson 3
Pages 465-469
LEQ: What are the negative consequences
of using marijuana and other illegal drugs?
Dangers of drug misuse—Heath Ledger died of
prescription drug overdose--2008
Elvis Presley—died of drug abuse--1977
Whitney Houston—died of cocaine overdose--2012
Amy Winehouse--Died from alcohol poisoning--2011
Michael Jackson—died from drug overdose--2009
• The most commonly used street drug today.
• Contains a number of different chemicals,
including THC, its main mind-altering
• Effects on the body:
• Reduces memory, reaction time, and coordination
• Increases heart rate and appetite, and lowers body
• Damages heart and lungs
• Interferes with normal body development in teens by
changing hormone levels
• May cause psychological dependence
Legalization of Marijuana for medical use
Governor Tom Wolf (April 18, 2016)
Pennsylvania becomes 24th state to legalize medical marijuana.
Bell Ringer
• Why is intravenous injection the most
dangerous method of using illicit (illegal)
• A more powerful drug derived from the same
plant, contains greater concentrations of THC.
Effects of marijuana
The common names for marijuana include: pot, grass,
weed, reefer, dope, joint, and mary jane
• Marijuana is usually smoked. Sometimes it is
mixed with food and eaten. Smoking
marijuana is NOT safer than smoking tobacco.
Marijuana contains as much as four to five
times the amount of tar and other cancer
causing substances as tobacco.
Bell Ringer
• Give 3 reasons why you believe people start to
use drugs
• 1.
• 2.
• 3.
These are drugs that distort moods, thoughts, and senses.
• Affect the cerebrum, the part of the brain that controls the intellect
and perception.
• Affect the nervous system
• Increase heart and respiratory rates
• Hallucinogens produce altered mental states that may last for
several hours or several days. The effects are extremely
unpredictable. Some people claim to have positive experiences,
whereas others have very disturbing ones. Some people have even
died while using hallucinogens because they believed they had
super powers that enabled them to fly out of windows or walk on
Common names are: angel dust, lovely, love boat, hog, and super
• Phencyclidine, or PCP, is a powerful and dangerous
hallucinogen whose effects last a long time. When the drug is
used regularly, effects may come and go for as long as one
year. Many users have died from PCP. Most deaths are due to
the strange, destructive behavior the drug produces in the
Common forms are white powder, pills, capsules, and liquid
• It may be swallowed, injected, or smoked when used with
• It causes loss of coordination, as well as increases in heart
rate, blood pressure, and body temperature.
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
LSD affects the areas of the brain that control vision
and balance. This drug often distorts perceptions of
sound and color.
• Common names for LSD are acid, white lightning,
sugar cubes, and microdots.
Other Hallucinogens
Peyote Cactus is found in northern Mexico and Texas. Mescaline
is the hallucinogenic ingredient in peyote. Often comes in the
form of brown disks, capsules, and tablets. The effects last 5 to
12 hours.
• People who use hallucinogens are in danger of
having flashbacks. During a flashback, the
effects of the drug may recur days, months, or
years after the drug was used.
Write two sentences to describe why you
think this could harm someone.
Designer Drugs
• Designer drugs are drugs that are made from chemicals that
resemble illegal substances. Street chemists make these
drugs to avoid using illegal substances. Ecstasy or MDMA is
one of the most popular designer drugs. The use of this drug
can result in destruction of brain cells.
• Inhalants are substances whose fumes are sniffed and inhaled
to give a hallucinogeniclike high. Inhalants include solvents
and aerosols, such as glue, spray paints, gasoline, and other
equally harmful substances. These substances are not meant
to be taken into the body.
2002 Survey Youths 12 to 17 years
• Inhalants also include nitrates and nitrous oxide, which are
substances that have medicinal uses. Amyl nitrite is a
prescription drug used to control heart pain. It is a clear
yellowish liquid that comes in ampules. When used illegally,
the ampules are broken, and the fumes are inhaled.
• Nitrous Oxide which is sometimes called laughing gas, is used
by dentists as an anesthetic. It is also used by manufacturers
as a propellant in canned whipped cream.
1. I avoid any type of illegal
drug use.
6. I believe that using illegal
drugs will harm my mind and
2. I never take medicine that is 7. I do not like the thought of
not prescribed for me.
losing control of my thoughts
or senses.
3. My friends avoid illegal
8. I think that people who use
drugs are not smart.
4. If I find myself at a place
where people are using drugs,
I leave.
5. I have never gotten into a
car that was driven by
someone whom I knew was
under the influence of drugs.
9. I do not think I would enjoy
the experience of getting high.
10. I believe that using illegal
drugs once could ruin my life.