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Unit 1: Lesson 1
Latin Prefix ad-
Did you know?
Over sixty percent of all words in the
English dictionary are based on Greek or
Latin roots?
Ninety percent of English words with
more than two syllables come from Latin
and Greek.
You do already
know how
words work.
Make a list of
everything you
already know!
What do you notice about the use
of the prefix ad- in all of the words
adThe Latin
prefix admeans “to,
toward, add
Assimilation is defined as becoming like
something else.
Sometimes when a prefix meets a base, it
undergoes a spelling change: the final
consonant of the prefix “turns into” or
assimilates and becomes the first consonant
of the base. The result is a double
consonant near the beginning of the word.
ad + similate = assimilation
Words beginning with assimilated adare easily recognizable because they
usually have double consonants
ad + celerate = accelerate
ad + preciate = appreciate
ad + traction = attraction
* Try saying both forms of the word.
Notice how much easier it is to say the
Divide and Conquer
ad- = “to, toward, add to”
tract = “pull, draw, drag”
ad- assimilates to atAttract means to “draw” something or
someone “toward” you.
aggravate: “add to” a serious problem or
adhesive: glue that sticks “to” surfaces
Do Now! Copy these phrases down on a
piece of notebook paper, skipping lines
in between.
to appreciate a friend
to affirm a belief
to assimilate a culture
to append a note
to attribute a burden
to alleviate a burden
aggressive behavior
to abbreviate a word