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Yankees Baseball Game
Marketing-Information Management
• Conduct a survey to
find out who a person’s
favorite team is.
What’s your favorite
Red Sox
White Sox
Product/Service Management
– Obtaining, developing, maintaining, and
improving a product or a product mix in
response to market opportunities.
• Is getting the money that is necessary to pay for setting
up and running a business. Also involves decisions such
as whether to offer credit to customers. Some retailers
take credit cards such as MasterCard or Visa.
$ Pricing $
• Pricing decisions are based on costs and
on what competitors charge for the
product or service.
• Promotion is the effort to inform, persuade,
or remind potential customers about a
business’ products or services.
• Examples: radio, TV, billboard, flyers, in
windows, stickers, etc.
• Selling provides customers with the goods
and services they want.
• Is the process of deciding how to get
goods in customers’ hands.