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Putting the blob in the word “blobbily”.
Clean Up:
Stack up cups and popsicle sticks on the cart.
Beakers (with extra borax), and graduated
cylinders should go in your bin for the next class.
You will not be permitted to take your flubber
home, but I will explain why and then give you a
recipe to make your own.
What is a polymer?
A polymer is a chain of molecules.
Glucose Molecule
Cellulose Polymer
 Proteins
 Cellulose
 Shellac
 Amber
 Natural Rubber
Synthetic (Man Made)
 Nylon
 Silicone
 Rubber
 Plastic
 Gum
 Neoprene
 Silly Putty
Examples of Polymers
(How the human body
naturally stores glucose.)
‹ ‹ ‹ An actual
picture of a
polymer using
an atomic force
Borax Crystal (From Nature)
Sodium Tetraborate (Na2B4O7)
There is a polymer in the glue called
polyvinyl acetate. (These polymers would
be like the paperclips from the
The borax acts as a cross linker. (It would
be like the magnets in the demonstration.)
This always reminds me of the
magnet sculpting toy. Individual
pieces of metal = molecules, stuck
together with magnet = polymer.