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Unit 4 Travelling
Places of Interest
一、World –famous
scenic spots
• Look at these pictures. Match the
places with their names. Then discuss
with you partner about them.
• 1. Where are they located?
• 2. What are they famous for?
The Great Wall
• The Great Wall
of China was
built more than
two thousand
years ago.
The Great Pyramid
• The Great
Pyramid is the
largest pyramid
in Egypt which
was built as the
tomb of Khufu,
of ancient Egypt.
The Gold Coast
• The Gold Coast is
located on the
eastern coast of
Australia, which
stretches 42
kilometers and
made up of many
beautiful beaches.
• Phuket is an island
in southern
Thailand, famous
for its unpolluted
beautiful scenery.
Taj Mahal
• Built in the 17th
century, the Taj
Mahal lies beside
the Jamuna River in
India. It is one of
the most elegant
and romantic
architectures in the
The Bund
• The Bund is the
beautiful bank
along Huangpu
二、Visiting Greece
• Listen to the conversation and fill in the blanks.
Language Focus
1. 词汇
capital n. 首都
temple n. 庙宇
attractive a. 吸引人的 (attract v.)
pity n. 遗憾,可惜
spectacular a. 壮观的
2. 专有名词
Greece 希腊 (Greek n. adj.)
Parthenon 帕特农神庙(希腊)
Athens 雅典(希腊首都)
Statue of Zeus 宙斯雕像
Olympia 奥林匹亚(希腊)
A:Where did you go during the vacation?
B:I went to Greece with my boy-friend.
A:Really? Tell me about it.
B:Greece is really a beautiful country.
A:Did you go to the Parthenon in the capital of
B:How can we miss that? It’s said to be the
greatest temple in the world. It was so attractive.
But with the passage of years, it has been partly
A:Yes, what a pity!
B:We also went to the Statue of Zeus at Olympia.
It’s so spectacular.
A:How nice. I want to fly there tomorrow!
• The girl went to Greece with her boyfriend. She thinks Greece is a very
beautiful country. The capital of the
country is Athens. They went to the
Parthenon, which is said to be the
greatest temple in the world. They also
went to visit the Statue of Zeus at the
town Olympia. She thinks The Statue of
Zeus is spectacular.
三、A tour interpretation
Language Focus
1. 词汇
poet n. 诗人
poem n. 诗歌
dynasty n. 朝代
brand-new a. 崭新的
2. 短语
take place 发生
3. 注解
take place 发生 例:This event took place in the 13th
century. 该事件发生在13世纪。
• Ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome to our town. I’m Mary, your tour guide.
Now I’d like to tell you something about this small town.
The town was built in the Tang dynasty. In history, a
lot of famous poets came here and wrote many poems
about it because of its unique beauty. Our town used to
be very poor, but great changes have taken place since
1978. It has been developing rapidly in the past ten
years and a lot of new schools, hospitals and factories
have been set up. Now it has taken on a brand-new look.
It has become a famous place of interest in China.
I hope you will have a pleasant time during your stay
Thank you.
Key to the questions
• 1. It was built in the Tang dynasty.
• 2. It was for its unique beauty.
• 3. Great changes have taken place and a lot
of new schools, hospitals and factories have
been set up.
• 4. She will guide them to visit that small town.
Language Focus
1. 词汇
relax v. 放松 (relaxation n.)
local a. 当地的
educational a. 教育的 (education n. educate v.
educator n.)
proper a. 合适的,恰当的
2. 短语
in one’s opinion 在某人看来
3. 注解
in one’s opinion 在某人看来 例:In my opinion
you are wrong. 我认为你是错的。
Two Types of Holidaymakers
The First Type
The Second Type
To have a good time
To increase their
knowledge of
foreign countries
Places they
go to:
Things they
Seaside towns and
mountain resorts
Enjoy the local
scenery and play
their favorite
Go to every
Fully enjoy the
local food, wine
and their special
Chinese Version
A one-day itinerary
in London
Language Focus
1. 词汇
magnificent a. 壮丽的,宏伟的
museum n. 博物馆
2. 专有名词
Buckingham Palace 白金汉宫
Shaftsbury Avenue 沙夫茨伯里大街
Key to questions
• In the morning:
go to Buckingham
• In the afternoon: visit the British
Museum; enjoy a good collection of
traditional European arts
• In the evening: go to the theater in
Shaftsbury Avenue
Key to Grammar
1. Most
3. doubt
5. These
7. A number of
9. mistake
2. neither
4. tasks
8. Many
10. These