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Protest Music: A
Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall
A song intended to bring
attention to societal problem
Every major movement
in Western history has
seen protest songs
- slave emancipation
 - women’s suffrage
 - civil rights
 - Vietnam War
 - Iraq War
Purposes? Present problem in
emotional, not rational terms
Create moral unity on an issue
Recruit more members by
gaining sympathy
Present a solution to the problem
Important Singers?
Bob Dylan: Blowin’ in the Wind,
Hard Rain, Times They Are A
Pete Seeger: Where Have all the
Flowers Gone?
Peter, Paul & Mary:
If I Had a Hammer, Leaving on a
Jet Plane, Abraham Martin &
Credence Clearwater Revival:
Run Through the Jungle,
Fortunate Son
Joan Baez:
We Shall Overcome
Janis Joplin:
Arlo Guthrie:
Alice’s Restaurant Massacre
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young:
Ohio, Teach Your Children Well
The Beatles: Imagine
Give Peace A Chance
Pro-War Songs? Yes!
Battle of the Green
Proud to be a Okie
from Muskogee
Woodstock: Summer of Love
Summer of ‘69
Huge outdoor music
Culmination of the
hippie generation
Free love
Mucho drugs