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Revolution: Romanticism to
• Bell Ringer: Who am I?
• Very quick lecture: Romanticism and Revolution
• Chart interpretation: Romanticism vs Impressionism vs
• Literary analysis: Comparing Romanticism to Realism
• Image analysis: The changing paintings of the era.
• Review Guide and Test Format, questions about the
• HW: Work on Review Guide, Test will be on Thursday,
December 15th, 2016.
Ideas of Romanticism
• Moving away from
reason, concentrating
on emotion
• Focus on the mysterious
and supernatural
• Glorified heroes
• Promoted radical
change and democracy
• The past as nostalgia
Romanticism Literature
• Victor Hugo and
Wordsworth known
– Struggles of individuals
against a hostile society.
– Celebrated rebellious
heroes, love, and the
beauty of nature.
• Gothic Novels also part of
the Romantic movement.
– Commonly had violent or
supernatural events
associated with them.
(Mary Shelley)
• This was an attempt to
show life as it is.
• Shows political importance
of the working class and rise
of industrialization.
• An attempt to describe
workers’ suffering.
– Dickens would show despair
in London.
• Photography develops.
• Daguerreotypes were on
metal plates, but William
Talbot would expand to
using paper.
• Painters in Paris began
to move against this
realist style.
• They wanted to give
“their” impression of a
moment in time.
• Much more positive
than the realists, they
tended to show the
middle class enjoying
Which type of painting?
Which Type of Painting?
Which Type of Painting?
What is Romanticism?
What are characteristics of: