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What is Ramadan?
• Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, and
is the fourth pillar out of the ‘five pillars’ of Islam.
• For Muslims, Ramadan is the holiest of months. It is
when they believe that their holy book, the Quran, was
given to them through the Prophet Muhammad
• During this time, Muslims will not eat or drink between
during daylight hours. This is known as fasting.
• During this month, Muslims fast
from sunshine to sunset.
We have
• The Sweet Feast or feast of Ramadan
(Şeker Bayramı ) is the three day festival
following Ramadan.
What Does sugar feast (Şeker Bayramı)
Mean for the Locals?
• During this three day celebration the flow
of life changes drastically. For locals it
means holiday since schools, government
offices, banks and even the private
establishments are closed for three and a
half days starting from noon the eve (arife)
of the holiday. Arife is the day to get ready
for the holiday.
• People clean their houses, they go
shopping for candies and chocolate, they
prepare traditional pastries like baklava,
get a haircut and perform similar personal
maintenance. It is important to look
dashing with recently, special for the
occasion purchased clothes. This attire is
called bayramlık.
• The three days people visit relatives and
friends, and may also go to the graveyards
to pay their respect to the deceased.
• During the sweet Feast it is important to
honor the elderly; therefore mostly the
younger generation visit the older ones.
Kissing the right hand of the elderly and
placing it on the forehead is a custom to
show respect and greet them for
the bayram. People greet each other by
saying Bayramınız Kutlu/Mübarek Olsun,
meaning “May Your Feast Be Blessed”.
• One of favorites of the Ramadan Feast s t
tradition is children going around in their
neighborhood, from door to door and
wishing people a happy feast ‘Eid
mubarek’. As a reward, they receive
candies, chocolates, or even a small
amount of money. It makes the streets
even busier with cheerful gangs of kids
running around, counting their revenues.