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Cell Salvage
Candidate copy
Scenario 1
 You
arrive at work and have been requested to help with
cell salvage
 You
notice that reinfusion bag has fat molecules inside it
bowls of packed red cells have already been re infused
 What
should you do?
Scenario 2
 You
are in the middle of using the cell saver for a case
when the surgeon informs you that the patient has
 Should
you continue to salvage blood.
 If
yes why?
 If no why?
 What
should you do to minimize the risk of transfusion
to the patient?
Scenario 3
 Your
theatre team have been involved with a patient
who has just encountered increased hypotension while
transfusing autologous blood (transfusion reaction).
The blood is being administered via a leucocyte
depletion filter.
 What
processes can you put in place to prevent a
transfusion reaction occurring again
 How
should you reflect and learn from the incident
Scenario 4
 Your
Surgeon informs the team that they have ruptured
the patients bowel whilst carrying out a liver resection.
 What
should you do?
Scenario 5
 You
are using the cell saver when you notice blood clots
in the centrifuge bowl.
 What
should you do?
Scenario 6
 At
the end of the case you have a partial bowl of blood to
 What
should you do?