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Call for Papers – International Journal of Computational Bioscience
Special Issue on Data Mining and Pattern Analysis in Computational Bioscience
Guest Editors:
Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay (Indian Statistical Institute,
Ujjwal Maulik (Jadavpur University,
Jason T. L. Wang (New Jersey Institute of Technology,
Computational bioscience aims to develop innovative methods for solving significant problems in
the biological sciences. Some of the grand challenges in computational bioscience include whole
genome comparison, protein structure prediction, sequence motif discovery, and gene expression
microarray data analysis. In this special issue, we solicit papers that report recent advances in
computational bioscience with a focus on biological pattern discovery and data mining. Software
tools and methods for analyzing biological data to extract novel patterns from the data are of
particular interest. Biological data to be considered for analysis include molecular sequence,
secondary and tertiary structure, whole genomes of species, and DNA microarray data.
Characteristics of the methods and algorithms include the use of domain-specific knowledge for
reducing the search space, dealing with uncertainty, partial truth and imprecision, efficient linear
or sub-linear scalability, incremental approaches to knowledge discovery, and increased level of
interactivity with human experts and decision makers. The techniques can be sequential or
parallel in nature. Patterns to be discovered include gene regulatory elements, association
between biomarkers and disease, and rules for classification and prediction, to name a few.
Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
Comparative and personal genomics
Genome-wide association studies
Gene expression microarray data mining
Protein and RNA structure prediction
RNAi and microRNA analysis
In silico motif discovery
Biological networks and pathways
Computational systems biology
Computational proteomics
Novel methods for biomarker discoveries
Computational drug discovery and cheminformatics
Papers should be at most 30 pages long, double-spaced, in font size 10 or larger with one-inch
margins on all sides. Papers in PDF format can be sent to any of the three guest editors via email.
Important Dates:
Final deadline for submission of papers
Notification of referee results
Deadline for submission of revised papers
Notification of final acceptance/rejection