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ECE 320
Homework #7
Design a sequence detector such that the
output is equal to 1 if the sequence “0101”
is detected. (Discard the overlapping
A) A memory unit has the capacity of 8192
words of 32 bits per word. How many flipflops are needed for the memory address
register and memory buffer register?
B) How many words will the memory unit
contain if the address register has 15 bits?
A) Draw a block diagram of the 4x3 memory,
showing all inputs and outputs.
B) Construct a 8x3 memory unit using two such
units. (Use a block diagram)
Draw a timing diagram for the 4-bit binary ripple
ECE 320
Homework #7
A flip-flop has a 20 ns delay from the time its CP
input goes from 1 to 0 to the time the output is
complemented. What is the maximum delay in a
10 bit binary ripple counter that uses these flipflops? What is the maximum frequency the
counter can operate at reliability?
List a PLA program table for the BCD-to-excess-3
code converter.
Design a combinational circuit using a ROM. The
circuit accepts a 3-bit number and generates an
output binary number equal to the square of the
input number.