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and Poetry
1890 - 1939
Features of Modernism
belief that previous writing was
deviation from the norm or from
usual reader expectations
ruthless rejection of the past
2. Anti-realism
The artist's inner feelings, mental
state, and vantage points are chosen
to question the conventional view
and use of myth and unconscious
forces rather than motivations of
conventional plot.
3. Individualism
promotion of the artist's viewpoint
estrangement from religion, nature,
science, economy or social
artists and not society should judge
the arts
4. Intellectualism
writing is more cerebral than emotional
work is tentative, analytical and
more posing questions more than
answering them
 viewpoints and characters are detached
and depersonalized
The key elements of Modernist poems
are experimentation, anti-realism,
individualism, and a stress on the
cerebral rather than emotive aspects.
Previous writing was thought to be
stereotyped, requiring ceaseless
experimentation and rejection of old
“Robert Frost was a leading figure in the
Modernist movement. However, unlike his
contemporaries such as Eliot or Pound,
Frost favored more traditional metrics and
forms of poetry. He also composed his
poetry by using the language and
experiences of his everyday life. The
beauty of Frost’s poetry lies in its layers of
ambiguities and deeper meanings hidden
behind these everyday themes.”
Poet Seers