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Developing Alternatives
A Roadmap from Practical Needs
To Strategic Interests
To Envisioning Alternatives
Vision of transnational/global/
cosmopolitan Citizenship
Deconstruct citizenship & entitlements which are
linked to localities, nationality, race, ethnicity,
class, caste, gender
Deconstruct power relations & mechanisms of
exclusion & segregation
Rights & entitlement travel with the migrant
Global social rights... harmonisation of rights at
local, national & international level
Need of international regulation & legislation to
ensure universal rights & transnational citizenship
Another world is possible
There is enough for everybody: sustainable
livelihood, living with dignity & „buen vivir“ for
all & everywhere... no forced migration, no brain
& care drain
Freedom to stay or to migrate
Transnational citizenship & global social rights
Multi-dimensional Strategies
Dual strategy: frontline service & policy
intervention/reframing of policies
Triangle of solidarity actions: Prevention – protection –
sustainable policy solutions
Support individual claims for rights & struggle for
structural transformation
Inside (lobby/policy intervention) – outside (radical) –
Dual perspective: rights & livelihood in the country of
destination & in the country of origin
Short term, medium & long term strategies & perspective
Overcome exclusion & segregation
Integration not assimilation
Participation instead of integration
Speak for themselves, right to organise & leadership
Political participation: right to municipal elections after
staying 5 years
Participation of migrant women in EU policy making
& the EU project of gender equality
Reconstruct Public Images &
Discourses Change the Mindset
Counter stereotypes of unskilled, service providing,
desperate migrant women - Shift concept to skilled,
empowered, decision making actor in the market and in
the community
Counter victimisation, empower survivors & agents
Contest discourses which reduce migrants to
commodities, economic factors & remittances
Expose & resist categorisation & hierarchisation of
Intersection of gender, labour & migration
Acknowledge the contribution of migrant labour to the
economy & social reproduction in the country of
destination & origin
Recognise care/domestic/sex work as work
Recognise diplomas from country of origin
Regulate care/domestic/sex work (e.g.minimum wage),
enforce labour rights & entitlements to social security
Right to organise & form own union for collective
....but no solution to gender division of labour & crisis of
care & social reproduction
Intersection of neoliberal policies,
market economy & migration
Scandalise power relations, inequalities & rights
Politicise intersection of class, racism, sexism &
migration regimes
Expose neocolonial exploitative policies & practices,
e.g. name & shame TNCs, trafficking agencies & role of
Resist national & international policies which
subordinate human rights, global social rights & gender
equality to the trade & investment regime, the neoliberal
economy & the respective migration regimes
Change of EU-Policies
Bottomline: Decriminalisation of migration, right to
stay, legalising undocumented workers, recognise
domestic workers as workers
Expose the neoliberal trade & investment regime &
exploitation of resources in the South & East as root
causes for forced migration/trafficking
Expose the intersection of racism, sexism & human
rights violation in migration policies
Lobby EU-governments to ratify UN-convention on
migrants & enforce other international conventions,
human rights & gender equality commitments
Reconfiguration of Nation State &
Migration Regimes
Resist neoliberal policies which destroy people's
livelihoods & prolonge poverty
Exert pressure on state to protect citizens from
trafficking, slavery & gender related violence
Demand policies which eliminate poverty, redistribute
resources & promote economy of solidarity
Design non-racist, non-sexist, non-exploitative
migration regimes informed by human rights, equality
& dignity
Reconfigure citizenship
Solidarity - Networking –
Movement Building
Need of transnational civil society alliances
Identify communalities, build common agenda & joint
Build bridges between migrants & local people,
between feminists & other social organisations &
trade unions, link different struggles
Deconstruct classes, racism & competition among
Create space for migrants' voices & organisations
Break South – East – North divide
Yes, we can! Together!
Let's create our own agenda for change