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Computerized Accounting
The new ways we
“PLAY” with money.
10 steps for choosing
the right software
• Become
• Make lists
• Eliminate the poor
• Evaluate product
• Visit internet sites
• Read brochures
• Preview a demo at a
• Gain some hands-on
• Call references
• Make a decision
Cost of Software
• The actual price of the software is
not really relevant.
• The REAL COST of accounting
software is the time required to get it
up and running AND the time
required to implement manual work if
you have to compensate for missing
features and reports.
Adaptable to all types of businesses
Save time on all tasks
See the big picture at a glance
Get it right the 1st time, every time
Easy to learn & use
Inexpensive to purchase
#1 rated & recommended software
Advantages of Online Bill Pay
• No need for checks, envelopes or
costly stamps.
• It can result in faster deposits and
postings of payments – reducing late
• Bill payment is possible 24 hours a
day, seven days a week from
anywhere that has internet access.
Advantages of Online Bill Pay
• Credit card payments may be
• It reduces the number of over- and
under-payments because it is in real
• Most electronic checking transfers
are free transactions.
Advantages of Online Bill Pay
• Set up one-time or recurring
payments — days, weeks, or even
months in advance.
• Get email alerts to manage your
• Track your expenses with
personalized reports.
Online Payment Types
• Debit Cards
• Credit Cards
• PayPal
Advantages of Debit Cards
• Payment taken directly from a bank
– Like writing a check online
– Prevents you from spending money you don’t
have, which is sometimes a problem with credit
Advantages of Credit Cards
• Account Protection/Safe way to pay
– Only $50 liability for an unauthorized charge.
• Can help in a dispute regarding an item
– Items are not paid for when billed to your card (if
you have not paid yet)
• Money Savings
– Earn interest on money in your bank account
while carrying the balance on your card
Advantages of PayPal
• Combines the best of both previous
– You can identify a bank account or credit card
for your PayPal account to access
• Enables any individual or business with an
email address to securely, easily and
quickly send and receive payments online.
– World's most advanced proprietary fraud
prevention systems to create a safe, global,realtime payment solution.
What’s in the future?