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Introduction to Mineralogy
Dr. Tark Hamilton
Lecture 1
Camosun College GEOS 250
Lectures: 9:30-10:20 M T Th F300
Lab: 9:30-12:20 W F300
Klein & Dutrow, 2008 fig_01_01
Mineralogy  Other Disciplines
• Structure: Recrystallization = new fabrics
• Tectonics: Dehydration reactions release
fluids & trigger quakes
• Geochronology: Datable minerals hold
both parent and daughter isotopes
• Petrology: Partition or order/disorder of
elements serves as geothermometer &
geobarometer recording P,T conditions
Mineralogy  Other Disciplines
• Geochemistry: Composition of minerals
records reservoirs, fluids and processes
• Meteoritics: Composition, age & conditions
of early solar system & early thermal
separation of atmophile, chalcophile &
siderophile elements
• Planetary Studies: Lunar rocks Apollo 11 &
16, Shergottites & Mars Rover spectra
Mineralogy  Other Disciplines
• Paleontology: Fossilization replacing
organic matter by minerals; silica, pyrite,
calcite, apatite
• Geomicrobiology: Archae bacteria &
nannobacteria & extremophiles depositing
minerals. Sulphate reduction to Sulphide
• Environmental: Heavy metals cycling, acid
rock drainage, filtration, fixation, soil chem
Mineralogy  Other Disciplines
• Economic Geology: Ore formation & Separation,
Associations: Calcite & Pyrite nullify ARD,
FeAsS Arsenopyrite reduces Au ore value as
does AuTe2 Calaverite or Pd3HgTe3 Temagamite
• Geophysics: Gravity = density, Susceptibility &
induction = magnetism, Seismic velocity =
compressibility, bulk & shear modulus, density,
Electromagnetism = eddy currents, polarizability,
Radioactivity = U, Th, K content
Mineralogy  Other Disciplines
• Mineral Physics: Study of planetary
interiors, seismic discontinuities, spherical
harmonics, phase transitions, monolayers,
nannocrystals, materials science
• Economics: Precious & rare metals, Au,
PGE’s, Base Metals (Cu,Zn,Pb), Gems,
Industrial minerals, Wallboard, Ceramics,
Glass, Portland cement, Zeolite filters,
Clays for mud wrestling