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Truman Jeopardy
• Click on the animation in the lower right corner to
advance to the first slide. From there you can
choose a dollar amount and the category of your
choice. From then on click on the animation to
return to the main slide. To view the answer to the
question just click anywhere on the screen except
on the animation because as mentioned before it
will return you to the main slide.
Museum Missouri Childhood Family
Museum Exhibits for $100
 This well known sign
sat on Harry Truman’s
 What is “the buck stops here” sign?
Museum Exhibits for $200
The mural
in the main
lobby of
painted by
this famous
 Who is Thomas Hart Benton?
Museum Exhibits for $300
The names of the two people
buried in the Museum courtyard.
 Who are Harry and Bess
Museum Exhibits for $400
The Peanut in the picture to the
right symbolizes which
Who is President Jimmy Carter? He was a peanut farmer
in Georgia growing up.
Museum Exhibits for $500
The shape of the office Truman worked in
while president.
 What is the Oval Office?
Missouri for $100
Truman was elected to this office representing
Missouri in 1934.
What is a Senator?
Missouri for $200
Harry Truman was born in this Missouri
Where is Lamar, Missouri?
Missouri for $300
The Truman Library is located in
this Missouri town.
 Where is Independence,
Missouri for $400
 This is written on
the back of the Buck
Stops Here sign.
 What is “I’m from
Missouri for $500
This famous phrase is
associated with Missouri.
What is the Show Me State?
Childhood for $100
Truman’s middle initial came from these two
Who were Anderson Shipp Truman and
Solomon Young?
Childhood for $200
These are the names of Harry
Truman’s parents.
 Who were John Anderson Truman
and Martha Ellen (Young) Truman?
Childhood for $300
 Name Harry Truman’s
 Who are John Vivian and Mary
Jane Truman?
Childhood for $400
Name the animal involved in Harry
Truman’s earliest memory.
What are Frogs?
Childhood for $500
 Harry Truman graduated from
High School in this year.
 When was 1901?
Family for $100
Name Harry Truman’s one
and only child.
Who is Mary Margaret
Family for $200
Name Harry Truman’s wife
 Who is Bess Wallace
Family for $300
Name Harry Truman’s oldest
Who is Clifton Truman Daniel?
Family for $400
 Truman’s family owned a farm in this
Missouri town.
What is Grandview, Missouri?
Family for $500
Name the city where Harry
Truman’s daughter Margaret
lives today.
Where is New York City?
Presidency for $100
Truman was vice-president to this man.
Who was Franklin Delano Roosevelt?
Presidency for $200
 This man was
Harry Truman’s
vice-president after
the 1948 election.
 Who was Alben Barkley?
Presidency for $300
This headline became famous
after the 1948 presidential
What is “Dewey Defeats
Presidency for $400
Harry Truman said this
was his most difficult
decision during his
What is the decision to
engage American troops in
to the Korean War?
Presidency for $500
Truman made the decision to
drop the atomic bomb on these
two Japanese cities to end
World War II.
Where are Nagasaki and