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Review of The Devil Wears Prada.
Adapted from the bestselling novel of the same name, this is a truly
enjoyable comedy that is brilliantly realistic simply because who hasn't had
that nightmare boss at one time or another?
The story is about likeable Andy Sachs, a young woman longing to become
a journalist who is waiting for her big break. When a position opens up
working as assistant to Miranda Priestly, editor of Runway magazine, her
dream might actually become a reality as, if you work for Miranda for a
year, you can work for any magazine. Sadly, Miranda really is the worst
boss anyone can imagine; needing Andy to wake up to get coffee at
obscene hours, make her work at all times of the day (leaving her with little
to no social life) and even demanding to get a flight home during a
The cast is fantastic with names like Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Emily
Blunt and Stanley Tucci. Streep really excels herself as the awful Miranda,
making a character that you can loathe but at the same time feel badly for.
Hathaway plays the lead role as Andy. She makes Andy come across as a
person who you can love but also find yourself screaming at the screen,
"what are you playing at?!”
Blunt is the snooty person in the office that even though she is doing
practically the same job as you, always feels the need to claim she is
superior. Lastly, Tucci. Every appearance made by him will bring a smile to
your lips, even when he is being slightly harsh, you can see he is doing it in
a kinder way than everyone else in this film.
To conclude, this is a must see film if you’re looking for slight romance
(nothing too O.T.T), laughter and most of all a heart-warming story that will
leave you feeling fulfilled.