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Simmons National
Consumer Study
Voice of the American Consumer
Listen to The Voice of the American
Consumer with the Simmons National
Consumer Study , the first syndicated
national consumer survey launched
in the United States. Fortune 500
companies, major advertising agencies
and media companies partner with
Experian Simmons to access:
• A
deep reservoir of more than 60,000
data variables to analyze from
• U
sage behavior for all major media,
more than 500 product categories and
more than 8,000 brands
• I n-depth demographics and consumer
behavior such as more than 600
psychographics, lifestyles, attitudes
and opinions
• A
patented,* multi-frame
sample design
• C
ontinuous measurement and
quarterly delivery of results from more
than 25,000 adults surveyed annually
• R
esults projected to the U.S.
adult population
• M
edia Rating Council–
accredited survey
Case studies
New business development
Client issue: Discover and define
prospective users of a new brand. Seize
the opportunity for a new brand to enter
*U.S. Patent No. 7,246,035
into the market and identify potential
sources of business.
Experian Simmons resolution:
Utilizing the Simmons National
Consumer Study, identify a core target
for the new product and what it means for
consumers, then assess the opportunity
to understand market share among both
general market and Hispanic consumers.
Results delivered: A very effective
product benefit brought to the market
in a way that creates excitement
and attraction for the brand among
the target audience.
Developing unique marketing
communications plan for brand targets
Client issue: Identify core consumers
for the brand so that marketing
communications programs can be
developed. Determining the size of the
group to determine how appropriate
they are as the target that can provide
growth for the brand.
Experian Simmons resolution: By
identifying the distinctive attitudes,
behaviors and lifestyles personified by
the core group, a much larger universe
was created from which to source
business for the brand moving forward.
Results delivered: Positioning and
concept areas defined. Sales and
household penetration increased.
Develop marketing communications
Client issue: Communicate with
current and prospective consumers
who shop in similar stores. Identify
their unique attitudes and shopping
behaviors; differentiate the brand and
create an actionable marketing strategy
using customer segments defined by the
marketer’s custom research.
Experian Simmons resolution:
Re-create customer segments in the
Simmons National Consumer Study,
allowing the brand to customize analysis
of the Simmons National Consumer
Study to its proprietary marketing
targets. This approach enabled the
client to develop distinct marketing
communications plans to reach
customers and prospects.
Results delivered: Identified marketing
initiatives driven by consumer attitudes
rather than demographics. Redefined
target markets. The segments, their
behaviors and media preferences —
not demographics — now drive media
planning strategy.
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