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Ch 9B Review
1. Use the Binomial Theorem to expand and
simplify the expression.
s  2t
b g
2. Two twelve-sided dice are rolled. If
double-number rolls can only be counted once,
how many ways are there to arrive at a total of
3. A professional baseball coach is scouting
players in the minor leagues to pull up to the
major leagues. He must find one player each to
play shortstop, first base, and center field. He
can choose from 3 shortstops, 3 first basemen,
and 3 center fielders. How many ways can the
coach choose the players he needs?
4. How many different ways can 11 different
runners finish in first, second, and third places
in a race?
5. How many distinguishable permutations can
be made with the letters in the word
6. Cindy, Bob, Sam, Rachel, and Jim are in the
math club. The club advisor will assign students
to 4-person teams at the next Math Team
competition. How many different 4-person teams
can be formed from these five students?
7. A box contains 7 green, 2 yellow, and 3 purple
balls. Find the probability of obtaining a green
ball in a single random draw.
8. On a spin of the spinner below, find the
probability of getting either an uppercase letter
or a vowel.
10. Suppose two fair dice are rolled. What is the
probability that a sum of 10 or 11 turns up?
11. Two urns each contain white balls and green
balls. The first urn contains 2 white balls and 3
green balls, and the second urn contains 6 white
balls and 4 green balls. A ball is drawn randomly
from each urn. What is the probability that both
balls are white?
12. The probability of getting an A in Mrs.
Ford’s class in any semester is 16%. What is the
probability of not getting an A?
13. Statistics from the past ten years predict that
the chance of rain on any single day in March in
Hillside is 28%. If Ja-Yeon’s birthday is March
16, what is the chance of it not raining on
Ja-Yeon’s birthday?
14. Account numbers for Western Oil Company
consist of nine digits. If the first digit cannot be a
0, how many account numbers are possible?
15. In a certain lottery, a participant must choose
six numbers from 1 to 40. If these six numbers
match the six numbers drawn by the lottery
organizers, including the order in which the
numbers were drawn, the participant wins or
shares the lottery jackpot. What is the
probability of winning the lottery if you only
purchase one ticket?
Form 1, P. 2
9. A spinner is numbered from 1 through 9 with
each number equally likely to occur. What is the
probability of obtaining a number less than 5 or
greater than 6 with a single spin?
16. Use the Binomial Theorem to find the
binomial coefficient.
Ch 9B Review
17. In how many different ways can two spades
be drawn from a standard deck of cards? (Note:
Order of selection is important.)
24. You work at a T-shirt printing business. Of
2400 T-shirts shipped, 216 are printed
improperly. If you randomly choose a T-shirt out
of the shipment, what is the chance that it is
printed correctly?
18. Suppose you mix up the cards below and
choose one without looking. What is the
probability of selecting neither H nor A?
19. How many different arrangements can be
made using all of the letters in the word
20. Suppose you are choosing a wall color from
among 3 different paint colors and an accent
color from among 4 different paint colors. How
many different wall color and accent color
combinations are possible?
21. A drawer contains 2 red socks, 4 white socks,
and 10 blue socks. Without looking, you draw
out a sock, return it, and draw out a second sock.
What is the probability that the first sock is blue
and the second sock is red?
22. A coin is tossed and a die is rolled. What is
the probability that the coin shows tails and the
die shows 2?
23. Expand and simplify the binomial using
Pascal’s Triangle to determine the coefficients.
(2x – 3y)4
Form 1, P. 2
25. Fourteen balls numbered from 1 to 14 are
placed in an urn. One ball is selected at random.
Find the probability that it is not number 2.
26. A college has eight instructors qualified to
teach a special computer lab course which
requires two instructors to be present. How
many different pairs of teachers could teach the
27. Two cards are drawn, without replacement,
from a standard deck of 52 cards. How many
sets of two cards are possible?