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Independent Practice
A cell phone company has a plan (Plan A) for customers with a set fee for each text. Lily used
the equation y = 0.12x, where y is the cost to the customer and x is the number of texts used.
She noticed a different company’s ad (Plan B) that offered a set fee for each text and showed some
examples of the cost to consumers in the table below:
Number of texts used
Cost to customer in dollars
Graph the two proportional relationships (each plan) on the same coordinate grid. What is the unit rate
(slope) of each line? What could you interpret from the graph to compare the two lines you plotted?
What information does the graph of these two lines provide for Lily?
2.) Liam is comparing the price of snacks for a math club meeting. Each trail mix can be purchased
by weight. Premier Trail Mix costs $2.67 per half pound. Energy Trail Mix costs $9.75 for 1.3
pounds. Graph the two scenarios on one coordinate grid that would show each brand’s cost,
where x is the weight and y is the cost. Compare the two lines and determine the better buy.
Explain your answer, including the unit rate.
Summative Assessment
Kara wants to determine which of the scenarios below represents the greater speed. Each represents a
constant rate. Graph both (on the same coordinate grid) and compare the two scenarios. Explain which
represents the greater speed. Use the unit rate (slope) in your explanation.
Scenario 1’s Table
Scenario 2’s Equation
Time in hours
Distance traveled in miles
y = 80x
x is the time in hours; y is the distance in miles