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The Solar System
By Alden Avery
Oh hi there. Just looking through
my telescope. You know, have you
wondered how we all got here, and
how the planets formed well here’s
how the BIG BANG!, Learn other
facts here too.
other stars Oh hello again. I see you
wanted to learn more, well lets get
started then. Constellations were
invented by Romans looking up in the
sky on starry nights. They invented
many constellations. I only have
enough paper to tell you about three.
The first one is Orian. Orian is a roman
myth. He was thought to be able to do
anything. Big Dipper is connected to
the north star with four other stars.
There is one other. Leo the lion. Leo
was a Ryan’s belt with four.
Now lets move on to planets. The only planet
we know of is… you guessed it, Earth!
Earth Is just the right temperature. Too it
also has air. Well there are two other planets I
can tell about too! The next planet we are
going to talk about is Mars. Mars is the forth
planet from the sun. It is red because of rust
which is caused by the iron in the sand.
Finally lets talk about Jupiter ! Jupiter has a
red dot on it, that red dot isn’t just a dot it’s a
storm! 200 mph wind make it one of the
fiercest storms there is.
This is the last paragraph I hope
you’ll learn something new here
because were learning about stars
next. Did you know that the sun is
a star? Also did you know that a
star has a life cycle like a white
dwarf or a red giant? When a star
dies sometimes it turns into a
black hole.
Maybe someday you’ll become an
astronomer or astronaut and
you’ll discover another galaxy or
new stars.