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“Lightning Warfare”
massive armored
invasions using
tanks, supported by
air power.
Russia invades Poland
By 1940, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania under
Soviet control.
Russia Invades Finland
The Red Army fights the Finns for many
months, and nearly lose.
Exposed how weak the Red Army actually
April, 1940
Denmark and Norway invaded successfully
by Germany.
May, 1940
Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg also
invaded by Germany.
The Mighty Maginot Line
Switzerland declares neutrality
This led to the exposure of the Maginot Line.
Germany crushes France.
Italy Chimes In
Mussolini wanted to carve up France and
attacked Southern France.
His efforts were futile at best.
Henry Petain
Asks Germany an armistice
Churchill replaces Chamberlain
Churchill and F.D.R.
The U.S. supplies Britain with munitions,
warships, supplies, while insisting to remain
Battle of Britain
15,000 British killed.
London bombed repeatedly and nearly
Royal Air Force
Defeat the Luftwaffe and the British win the
United all Brits under one common enemy.
Operation Barbarossa
Secret name given to Germany’s invasion
plans of Russia.
Invasion proves to be a disaster.
Germany delayed on invading.
The blitzkrieg failed and Germany was in
Russia during the famous Russian winter.
Mussolini- the wanna-be
Attempted to invade and conquer France,
Greece, Albania, and Egypt.
Erwin Rommel
Desert Fox, German
Pushed the British
southward in Egypt.
The Third Reich
Nazi Germany
Invaded Indochina which provoked the U.S.
to freeze oil supplies being sent to Japan.
Japan loses Indochina, blames the U.S.
Hideki Tojo
Takes control of Japan
and plans for an attack
on Pearl Harbor to
destroy U.S. ships/
Bombing of Pearl Harbor
The Allies are losing the war.
Germany was pushing the Russians back.
Japan conquered the Pacific Islands.
Italy was overrunning Egypt.
German submarines were destroying British
U.S. was not ready for a war.
The tide turns
Battle of Coral Sea- U.S. victory of the
Battle over North Africa
British General
attacked Germans
from the east while
the U.S. attacked
from the west,
gaining control of
North Africa.
Allied invasion of
Led to overthrow of
Battle of Stalingrad
Turning point in
the war.
Hitler refused to
allow generals to
surrender and lost
his entire army on
the east by doing