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SEEM5770/ECLT5840 Course Review
 The examination will mainly cover the following lecture notes on
Networking: Introduction, Application Layer, Transport
Layer, Network Layer, and Data Link Layer.
 Database: SQL
 Data Mining: Classification, Association Rule Mining, and
 It is important to know the main concepts, techniques,
mechanisms, and algorithms.
 It is important to know how to explain them using examples.
 It is important to have a big picture on the Internet.
 The exam is an open lecture note exam.
 The final exam is 7:30-9:30pm, December 4, 2013
(the lecture day) and the same class room.
 Bring your student ID,
 You can use a calculator but not a smartphone.
course review
Computer Network
and the Internet
Internet structure
Packet-switched networks
 Delay-&-Loss
Protocol layers
Application layer
 Web, DNS
Transport Layer
 Principles of reliable data
 Building a Reliable Data
Transfer Protocol (rdt)
 Go-Back-N (GBN)
The Network Layer
 Datagram networks
 IP addresses, Subnet,
Forwarding Table
 Routing algorithms
 Link state
 Distance Vector
The Data Link Layer
 Multiple access protocols
The Ideal case, and the
different approaches.
 Link-Layer Addressing
 MAC Addresses
 Address Resolution
Protocol (ARP)
course review
Database System Concepts
 Introduction to DBMSs.
 Relational Model
 SQL language
Data Mining
 What is data mining?
 The basic data mining techniques
• Decision Tree
• Naïve Bayesian Classifier
• kNN
Association Rules Mining
• The basic Association rule (support, confidence)
• The basic Apriori Algorithm
• K-means
• Hierarchical clustering
course review