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Class Eight/Nine
Friday 24th January 2014
We hope that you’ve all begun your world map projects – remember that we won’t
be collecting them in until Monday 10th February so you should try to make them
as accurate and detailed as possible.
We’ll be announcing our first ‘Bookworm of the Month’ this week and we’re very
pleased to see the tremendous effort you’ve been putting into your reading at
This week our words all have the suffix-ology. Can you find out what this means?
Biology, technology, mythology, ecology, geology, psychology, astrology, zoology,
ornithology, and archaeology.
These will be used in dictated sentences over the next week.
Why not have a look at a calendar this week to remind yourselves of how many
days there are in each month? Can you recall the rhyme and all of the other
quirky ways we have to remember this information? We’ll be asking you to solve
some problems involving time during early bird next week.
Next Week
In English we’ll be continuing our work on Dragonology.
Other Notes
Please remember to return your travel plan reply slips to your school council reps